• Jake and Angeline set inhibitions aside for sexy rom-com


    Hunky Jake Cuenca and sweet singer-turned-movie actress Angeline Quinto rekindle the flame of an aborted romance in Regal Entertainment Inc’s initial offering for 2017, Foolish Love. And for this unique pairing’s first big screen project this new year, director Joel Lamangan reveals, “They went all out in their kissing scenes and love scenes.”

    Angeline Quinto and Jake Cuenca

    A sexy romantic comedy, Foolish Love required the actors to set their inhibitions aside—Quinto especially—so they can convincingly portray a woman obsessed to meet the man of her dreams, and an actual personification of Mr. Perfect whom she suddenly meets.

    Falling madly in love with Cuenca’s character, the public will definitely see a different Angeline Quinto in the movie—a singer-actress who has matured from wide-eyed simpleton characters to a daring performer to fulfill the demands of her character.

    Cuenca, meanwhile, shows his ever-present passion for his craft and was very much willing to help Quinto fall at ease into the sexy genre in which he has made a name, both for TV and the movies.

    Besides these two popular showbiz celebrities, Foolish Love also stars real-life couple Miho Nishida and Tommy Esguerra. It opens in cinemas nationwide on January 25.


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