• Jake Ejercito, proud father to Andi Eigenmann’s girl

    Jake Ejercito with his ‘Princess’ Ellie  TWITTER PHOTO

    Jake Ejercito with his ‘Princess’ Ellie

    After word wars, denials, and mistaken accusations, Jake Ejercito—son of Manila Mayor and former President Joseph Estrada with former actress Laarni Enriquez—said over Twitter he is both happy and proud to be the father of Andi Eigenmann’s daughter Ellie.

    Following DNA tests that yielded a 99.9-percent result he is indeed Ellie’s dad, Ejercito admitted he had been with on-and-off girlfriend Eigenmann throughout her pregnancy.

    It will be remembered that Ejercito and Eigenmann had a bitter squabble on social media shortly before his public admission of his fatherhood, forcing the latter’s mom Jaclyn Jose to the imbroglio.

    It was Eigenmann’s half-sister Maxene who gave a picture of the relationship the showbiz scions have today. In a podcast interview with Mo Twister, she said, “They did a test, yeah, he’s the dad, they’re co-parenting that’s why he always posts photos of my niece. But no, they’re not gonna get back together, I don’t think so, but he’s really a good guy. I love the guy, he is a friend also as I consider him family because of my niece.”

    Eigenmann is now reportedly dating a non-showbiz guy named Emilio Arambulo.

    Meanwhile, since November, Ejercito has been posting photos of Ellie non-stop—from her birthday celebration all the way to Christmas. The pretty little girl clearly spent the holidays with her dad as his posts on December 23 and 24 showed. The proud papa’s latest upload was on January 6 showing a before-and-after photo of his beloved daughter’s new hairdo. It was captioned: “A big step for this little one who was too attached to her golden locks for a bit too long. Proud of you, lil angelface! I miss you oldredii.”

    A photography enthusiast, Ejercito was incidentally in Myanmar from December 12 to 21 and posted beautiful shots of his trips on Twitter from the Asian kingdom formerly called Burma.



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