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GUESS WHO? Network’s next big leading man defies orders not to attend pop star concert

After announcing she has changed her name from Charice to Jake Zyrus, the proudly transgender artist is basking in the love and support he has received from all over the world.

Since tweeting as Jake early last week, the erstwhile “Most Talented Girl in the World” has been active on the social media site where he has thankfully found the love he has been yearning for.

In The Know had the chance to chat with his manager Carl Cabral who said Jake is now busy finishing an album before he comes out in the public with his new name.

Jake Zyrus

“Thank you for your continued support. I will set a schedule for an interview once we are done with his recording,” Carl conveyed, adding he made Jake take a leave until June 28 “to re-asses himself before returning to the limelight and the recording studio.”

The manager did not confirm, however, if Jake’s breakup with Alyssa Quijano was one of the reasons for his change in name.

Following her soap “Langit Lupa” on ABS-CBN, Yam Concepcion hasn’t taken a break and gone from one set to another!

This generation’s “Pantasya ng Bayan” will be part of Ella Cruz and Julian Trono’s new movie “Fan Boy Fan Girl.” She is also currently taping for “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” and busy with a film with Paolo Ballesteros whose working title is “Amnesia Love.” This will be her second one with Paolo after 2016’s comedy hit “Bakit Lahat ng Guwapo May Boyfriend?”

Yam gave a little bit away about the storyline, and said she missed working with Paolo a lot.

“Ayun nakakatuwa katrabaho si Pao! Natural lang, totoong tao. At lucky ako kasi may leading man na ko, tapos may ‘girl’friend pa ako!” she laughed. “Nag che-check kung okay ba hair ko, make up ko etc! May kissing scene kami sa movie namin!”

Besides loads of work, Yam is still the ace girlfriend. If you see her Instagram feed, you’ll see that it’s mostly posts of her boyfriend from Georgetown, wooing her. His name is Miguel CuUnjieng whose family was just on the cover of The Sunday Times Magazine on Father’s Day.

Yam and Miguel have been together for more than three years, and she misses him a lot since he is based in the US for now. But they’ve managed to pass long distance relationship struggles with flying colors. Just last May, he came home to take her to Palawan as an early birthday gift.

“Love life ko, steady lang. Masaya yung Palawan. First time ko mag Coron. Nag snorkeling kami and we basically spent quality time. Three days and two nights lang naman. Bitin!”

Yam Concepcion

Yam said she also makes it a priority to visit her boyfriend during her free days. But although they’re very serious about their relationship, when it comes to settling down she clarified, “Parang hindi pa ko ready sa ngayon. We’ll see.”

GUESS WHO? Rising actor was not allowed by his network to watch the Britney Spears concert two weeks ago to help stop suspicions that he is gay. Yes, the network did not discourage him, they stopped him from attending! Word has been spreading of the actor’s effeminate demeanor and since he is slated to become the network’s next biggest leading man, management just couldn’t risk it. The clincher here is, the actor disobeyed network’s orders and was still spotted in the front row dancing to the tune of “Oops I Did It Again” and the pop superstar’s other hits. In The Know got word that actor was reprimanded but he said that he just couldn’t miss the opportunity to see his idol in the flesh!

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