Jake Zyrus on issues with mom Raquel and the duet with Charice


More than a week after the controversial “Malaala Mo Kaya” episode on the life of singer Charice Pempengco, now known as Jake Zyrus, the latter faced the press looking happy and content to promote an upcoming concert. The artist’s first bearing a new name and look, it is aptly titled, “I am Jake Zyrus” to introduce him to the world.

Zyrus was in high spirits on Tuesday afternoon despite the fact that mom Raquel Pempengco cried foul over her portrayal in the drama anthology, which quickly became a sticky issue for the artist. In the “tell-all,” Zyrus depicted Pempengco (played by Dina Bonnevie) as a mother who physically and verbally abused Charice. It will be remembered that Charice had a promising international career with the backing of bigwigs Oprah Winfrey and David Foster.

Pempengco called Zyrus a liar in one of her interviews after the show aired, and even said she is considering filing a libel case against her daughter.

Nevertheless, Zyrus seemed unaffected by the possibility.

“I know some of you won’t understand, but I know my family better—I know it will take more time but we’ll be fine,” Zyrus told the press.

“Mahirap kasi i-explain yung relationship namin. Basta ang sa akin po, if I reach out to them, I don’t think people would notice. I won’t share it on Facebook. In fact, there we so many instances [in the past]where I reached out to them but it was never known by the public and I prefer it that way,” the 25-year-old singer added.

Zyrus then confessed that while it was surprising to hear that grandmother Tess Relucio agreed on the details of the episode—despite their word war in the past—it only showed that no matter what happens in their family, they are going to work it out.

‘Great experience’
Zyrus also clarified that the Maalala Mo Kaya episode was never intended to put anyone in bad light.

“What I really wanted was for people to know that it’s really happening in real life,” Zyrus shared, pertaining to the struggles of transpeople coming out to their families and society.

Nevertheless, Zyrus attested that sharing the story and actually acting it out was a great experience albeit challenging.

“At first I couldn’t believe that they wanted me to portray myself. I asked, ‘Hindi ba pwedeng iba na lang?’ But I realized na gusto ko talagang makita ng tao na ako ang gagawa. So now, I can say that the emotions there were true. There were so many time na nag break down ako sa set.”

In the end, Zyrus believed the show served as a great means for healing. “It became my way to help myself din, na binalik ko yung sarili ko sa sitwasyon para maka-move on ako.”

Jake’s the name
For now, Zyrus is exerting all efforts to promote the “coming out” concert on October 6, at the Music Museum.

“I really don’t want to spill the beans to keep the suspense but it’s going to be a very special show because I will be able to finally express my real self,” Zyrus noted.

I Am Jake Zyrus will cover all genres, from pop to ballads to dance and even rock. But perhaps, one of the most talked about parts of the show will be Zyrus’ duet with the old Charice. This idea was floated on social media and went viral for some time. Now, Zyrus is gamely taking the challenge.

“Magdo-doble kara po ako,” Zyrus said in jest. Turning serious the artist explained how the show’s musical director will use the available technology and elements to showcase both remarkable voices.

Overall, Zyrus said the concert will relate through music a person and an artist’s journey to freedom.


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