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    The artist formerly known as Charice on testosterone injections

    Charice Pempengco is dead!

    That was Jake Zyrus’ declaration the moment this one-on-one interview began.

    In the Know met up with “the new man of the moment” at Marriott Hotel Manila, which has supported the artist ever since Charice started as a young girl in the biz.

    Jake walked in drinking Strawberry yogurt, dressed in casual clothes and carrying a luxury backpack. The celebrity sported a more masculine physique compared to past appearances.

    “Yes, I believe so na patay na siya,” said the singing prodigy who floored Oprah Winfrey back in 2008 in a frilly dress.

    “Ang daming factors na tala­gang ni-let go na si Charice. I do not regret her because I would not be me if it wasn’t for Charice but she’s gone.”

    As promised, Jake told all about what exactly transpired these past months, that led to last week’s big reveal.

    “March 29 ang birthday ni Jake… nasa hospital ako noon. I underwent top surgery. I’m so happy pero ang ganda… I know hindi pa ako nagpapa-sex change pero I feel complete.”

    [Wikipedia defines top surgery as surgical procedures on the breasts of transgender patients—Ed].

    Jake Zyrus, the artist formerly known as Charice, now sports a masculine physique and the beginnings of a mustache after a top surgery and hormone injections

    The 25-year-old is contemplating sexual reassignment but has not decided as to when to have it done. All the same, Jake is in the process of becoming a full-fledged male with regular hormone injections and is bemustached at the moment.

    “Someday [I’ll do sexual reassignment], but ngayon I’m on testosterone already—two months na. Masaya ako pero nahihiya ako. Parang hindi pa din ako makapaniwala…” the singer trailed off.

    “Minsan kasi pangarap ko lang ‘yon, pero pag gising ko every day… I know two months pa lang siya [hormone injections], pero parang, oh my God! Para akong nagbibinata!”

    Another major step Jake will take to complete the transition is to legally change the name Charice Clarice to Jake Zyrus at the National Statistics Office.

    And amid this very challenging time, Jake has taken on a mission.

    “I’m worried for other people, especially for younger the generation na natatakot mag-come out kasi nakikita nila paano i-bully ng ibang tao. Kaya mas natatakot sila mag-come out and that’s why I am here to inspire them.”

    Jake also made a point to clarify that the name change had nothing to do with the much talked about breakup with longtime girlfriend Alyssa Quijano. And like a true “gentleman,” the subject declined to reveal details of the breakup but said as much as they remain civil to one another.

    “It was a good breakup. We don’t talk anymore but we’re not mad at each other.”

    Jake neither has any ill feelings toward relatives, specifically, Lola Thess and Mommy Raquel who recently shared their two cents worth on the name changed. Instead, the artist is more bothered by the bashing the family has been getting over the issue.

    “Hindi naman kami kakaibang family. I’m pretty sure there are other families having same problems as us so please don’t say bad things about my family,” Jake appealed.

    Talking more about Mommy Raquel, whom Jake has not spoken to in almost two years, the singer simply said, “She’s my mom and I’ll always love her.”

    Career-wise, Jake is currently busy with a new single, which is yet to be released, and a movie in Japan set to show in November.

    Finally, following this introduction to the world, Jake Zyrus has this message for both fans and bashers: “First of all thank you. I am not here to force everybody to understand the situation cause I know na iba-iba naman tayo ng opinyon sa buhay. Ang sa akin na lang siguro music. If you don’t agree with what you see and hear about me as a person just please focus my music. Bonus na lang sa akin itong being who I am.”

    GUESS WHO? The size of her ego is off the charts! This actress had a soap cancelled and was forced to do some random show because her attitude was unbearable according to a network boss. Management could not fathom where her entitlement is coming from since her last few projects did not even rate. Moreover, she has industry insiders in disbelief for requiring legal assistance before her manager can even talk to her just because she thinks that she’s too good for everybody else! Even to those who built her career from the ashes! The nerve!

    Until next week, ta-ta!


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