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“They may be disappointed because they will not see Charice,” was Jake Zyrus’ warning to fans when they come to the eponymous concert on October 6 at Music Museum.

During Jake’s one-on-one interview with Showbuzz, the transman said that while the former songs Charice used to sing will be part of the repertoire, the performance will be made “Jake Zyrus style.”

The artist admits that Charice’s pitch has been affected by the hormones Jake has been taking. “Kasi part po ‘yun ng transition. Naka-apekto, pero hindi naman nasira. It’s like pag nagbibinata, your voice gets lower. I still sing ballads but the style is different now.”

For Jake, Charice is now part of the past. But does the 25-year-old miss Charice?

“Honestly, no. No because I had let go of her. What I’m happy about is I have taken from her the character of lakas ng loob. That’s what I admire in her. She had been through a lot of pain but she survived all of them.”

Playing the name game, Showbuzz asked Jake to react to a few who had pushed Charice to international stardom.

David Foster. “Of course I miss him. But si Sir David kasi is so reachable. One email to him and he’s there answering. I can really feel he cares even if sometimes we don’t get to talk for a year, but when we communicate, we really do catch-up. Walang tampuhan. He is very supportive.”

Jake Zyrus

Oprah. “’Yun talaga, we have not seen each other for, I think, three years. It was to her that I first came-out as trans. I was scared to tell her at first but when I finally did, she said she’s very proud of me. Mabait naman po yun, sobrang bait. Pag magkita kami, I just hope I already have a song that she can release. I’m just so excited pag nagkita kami kung ano na alam niya tungkol sa akin. She’s like that, whenever we see each other, I am always surprised that she knows a lot of things about me. I always wonder how she gets all her information even on my personal life. I just love her.”

“It was fate that brought us together,” real life sweethearts Roxanne Barcelo and Will Devaughn both said when asked how their romance started. Both were single when they met and undergoing some kind of crisis in their respective careers and personal lives.

Their first date was something very unforgettable for Roxanne and Will. They were both broke, but could not tell each other. Coincidentally, they were both suffering from bad investments, scammed by two different people who convinced them to put their money into promising businesses. They lost over half a million pesos each.

So on their first date, they were both putting up a show, pretending everything was OK. “I only had a hundred pesos in my wallet and si Will din, ganu’n lang ang laman ng bulsa. So before I left the house, I saw to it I had a heavy breakfast. I ate fried rice. Nu’ng magkita kami, siyempre I was so full,” Roxanne narrated.

“We were together the whole day and we didn’t have lunch. Both of us were telling each other that were full, but really I was hungry already. By dinnertime, we decided to eat and she said she wanted something light,” said Will.

“But of course I was lying,” Roxanne admitted. “We crossed the street where he said he knows a place with very good ice cream sandwiches. That was our dinner, and since I was so hungry, it tasted so good. KKB [Dutch treat] kasi kami that time so may sukli pang P50.”

Will Devaughn and Roxanne Barcelo

“We parted ways that night feeling happy. That first date was followed by several meet-ups until we felt we were falling for each other. At the same time projects started coming for both of us. We had separate hosting jobs and TV guestings so little by little, we were able to save money again,” Will continued. “It’s so funny because it was only when we were already together that we talked about that first date!”

Now, Will and Roxanne serve as each other’s support system. “She came into my life at the time when I was almost giving-up. She restored my faith in myself. She brought back hope in my life. Now, I can’t imagine my life without her,” Will said, looking at Roxanne with tears welling in his eyes.

“Will is my rock. When I’m tired from all the challenges in my career and life, he’s there to comfort me. We have learned a lot from each other. I’m just so grateful that he came into my life.”

Now co-producers of “I Found My Heart In Santa Fe” under BluArt Films, the pair is working hard at promoting the movie, not just for the returns, but because they are very proud of the story.

As such, they were touched to see so many celebrity friends attending the premiere this week, helping them drum up publicity. Among the stars spotted by Showbuzz were Diana Zubiri and husband Andy Smith, Patricia Javier with podiatrist husband Rob Walcher and their two kids, Rafael Rosell, RK Bagatsing and one of Roxanne’s best friends Glaiza de Castro.

I found My Heart in Santa Fe is currently showing in select SM Cinemas.


Glaiza de Castro

Catching up with Glaiza at the premiere, she told Showbuzz that she has been friends with Roxanne since 2011 when they were both cast in “Amaya.”

“I’m really like that. I keep the friendship even if our work is done. We still communicate and I’m just so happy that Roxanne and Will are now co-producing this movie,” she enthused.

She also said she and Roxanne will soon sit down to discuss a movie they will do together. “I’m so excited with this one because it has touches of action.”

For now she is busy preparing for her upcoming concert at the Music Museum called “Kun(g) Di Man,” produced by her record label Polyeast, which produced her album “Magandang Simulain.”

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