James Reid bares secrets to his fitness regimen

James Reid has no shortcuts in health and fitness—he sticks to his diet and exercises even when busy

James Reid has no shortcuts in health and fitness—he sticks to his diet and exercises even when busy

There is no denying that James Reid is one of the hottest young actors today. He is also a social media phenomenon with millions of followers online, not counting the various fan accounts that his devoted followers set up. The highly bankable love team JaDine, where he is paired with reel and real life girlfriend Nadine Lustre, has further sent their legions of admirers in a frenzy, whether at mall tours, concerts, meet and greets, and again online where their tandem is high up among trending topics.

Clearly, Reid is on a winning streak as proven by his barrage of brand endorsements. Last week, he joined the ranks of TV goddess Anne Curtis and ultimate movie hunk Derek Ramsey as endorser of canned product Century Tuna.

For this campaign, Reid is seen at his fittest—with sculpted abs, toned muscles and firm biceps—which he attributes to a rigorous fitness regimen and a proper diet loaded with good protein.

At his endorsement launch at Makati Shangri-La on September 6, Reid openly shared his journey to achieving his enviable form. He drove the point home that lack of time, given his very busy showbiz schedule, need not be an excuse to living a healthy lifestyle.

“Yes, my schedule is very hectic but times like this that I’m working a lot, it’s the diet that helps me get by. I go by high protein diet with some carbs and a lot of fiber,” he said.

“If I have free time I definitely go to the gym to do weights, but then there’s still so much you can do even without weights. Like when you’re home or when you’re at work, there are strength exercises that you can do. And I guess when you really have a proper diet and make time to exercise, it’s possible [to achieve your body goals].”

When it comes to working out, the showbiz heartthrob shared that he does not have a single routine he specifically follows. Unlike others who go by set exercises, he admits to changing what he does often because it allows him to target different body parts more.

“If you repeat the same exercise over and over again, it’s not going to be effective,” he added.

“Actually for my body type, I have a speedy metabolism, so I focus more on heavy lifting—more isolated lifting. Cardio [is]not so much, but if I do, it is more intense. I only do cardio if I really want to get ripped but I’m just more on the weight and strength training.”

On the other hand, Reid is very strict with his diet. He has no cheat days, nor does he reward himself with a treat when he achieves a fitness goal.

“I’m not much of a sweet tooth so I’m lucky. But the thing is, if you put chocolate in front of me, I’ll eat it till there’s no more left. That’s the only exception,” he laughed.

Asked about the most challenging part of reaching his Century Tuna body, he pointed top the first two weeks of the challenge.

“I just came from finishing a world tour, a television show, so it was really hard to go to the gym, just on those first two weeks. You really have to persevere and stick to your routine and eventually it becomes easier.”

Indeed, it is a pleasure to see James Reid transform in the public eye both figuratively as a teen heartthrob to a more mature actor, and literally with his handsome face and beautifully ripped physique. Determined as ever, this young man’s star will only soar even more.


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