• Jamie Rivera talks about being boxed as ‘Inspirational Diva’


    When The Manila Times was invited to interview OPM artist Jamie Rivera for her upcoming Valentine’s show, there was only one question that needed asking: “How will you entice the public, whose idea of a Valentine’s show generally range from the romantic to the soulful and sensual to watch the ‘Inspirational Diva’ in concert?”

    The 50-year-old artist who has sang for both Pope John Paul 2nd, now a beloved saint; and the revered Pope Francis during their Philippine visits in 1995 and 2015, thus earning her the said title, was both gracious and honest in her reply.

    “I have to admit that the title ‘Inspirational Diva’ has put me in a box for a while now,” Rivera, who was first a pop hitmaker in the ‘90s, as well as one of Miss Saigon’s Kims in London’s West End averred. “To be the voice behind ‘Heal Our Land,’ ‘Only Selfless Love,’ ‘We Are All God’s Children,’ and ‘Papa Francisco,’ it’s only natural for the public—especially the millennials—to think I only sing praise music and songs for country.

    “So this is why I’m thankful to be given a Valentine show here in Manila this year—because I’ve also had Valentine’s shows in provinces and abroad in the past years—because it will give me the opportunity to let people know that I’ve always been a singer of pop music and intend to do more of it from here on.”

    Revealing that 2017 marks her 30th anniversary in the industry, Rivera who is credited for such OPM hits like “Hey It’s Me,” “Mahal Naman Kita, and

    “I’ve Fallen For You” the singer-composer is excited to revive her best releases this year, beginning with All About Love, a concert at Sofitel Philippine Plaza on February 13.

    “I also have recordings in the making but to start with, this Valentine’s show will hopefully reintroduce my music—besides the worship and nationalistic songs I’ve been known to do—to a younger audience, and of course its fans from years ago.”

    Rivera added that she knows her former hits will inspire listeners just the same. “It may not be in terms of their faith or love for country, but it will inspire them to fall in love. That’s my renewed goal as I celebrate my 30th year. I will continue singing all kinds of songs that inspire.”

    Presented by Highrise Manila and GGG Productions, All About Love will be staged at the premiere hotel’s grand ball room and the singer is very excited.

    “This is my first time to have a solo dinner concert at Sofitel, and I guarantee everyone will have something to enjoy from my repertoire including Broadway songs, ‘80s hits, my pop songs, and still, some of my praise music, which also speak about love for God, love for family and love for one another.

    Her guests for the one-night-only concert will be Star in a Million Grand winner Frenchie Dy and Broadway performer Robert Seña.

    “I promise everyone, they’ll be in for a great night of music,” ended Rivera—the only way indeed to break out from the box.

    Proceeds of All About Love sill go to the SOS Children’s Village. For inquiries, call 0998-8559943.


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