Janice de Belen will not be a stage mother



If Janice De Belen has her way, she wants her daughter Inah De Belen to discover everything that showbiz can offer on her own. The former teen star of the ‘80s and soap opera queen of the iconic Flor de Luna, believes that this way, her eldest daughter will be tougher as the latter follows her footsteps.


“Let her experience everything. I believe that experience is always the best teacher. When she decided that she wanted to give showbiz a try, I didn’t say no, but I also did not give her tips on what to do. Anyway, she grew up with both parents in the industry so she is already familiar with it,” Janice enthused.

Inah’s dad is John Estrada, whom Janice was married to until 2004.

Inah considers herself fortunate because her parents are very supportive of her decision to make a career out of acting. She’s also thankful that her dad understood why she had to drop “Estrada” for her screen name and use her mom’s last name instead.

 Janice de Belen

Janice de Belen

“At first, I felt he was disappointed but I explained to him that just because I’m not using Estrada as my screen name, it doesn’t mean I’m turning my back on him. I told him I will always be proud to carry his name. I just needed to use De Belen because there are only two De Belens in showbiz, my mom and my Tita Gelli, while there are already a lot of Estradas. I’m so happy my dad understood me,” Inah said of her practical decision.

Inah’s star is ready to rise as GMA Network airs beginning September 19, the afternoon drama Oh My Mama where she plays the lead. The soap is a remake of a Maricel Soriano hit movie in the ‘80s.

With Inah in the series are Kapuso young leading men Jake Vargas and Jeric Gonzales.

She said of her co-actors, “I’m so happy that they’re very nice. Most of my scenes right now are with Tito Epi (Quizon). I have known him since I was young so I feel more relaxed working with him.”

Inah looks forward to doing more projects with GMA and meeting other actors from the network. I’m already here in showbiz so I want to give it my best shot. I’m open to all challenges. At the same time, I want to enjoy this moment—this big opportunity that was given to me,” said Janice’s lovely daughter.

 Inah de Belen

Inah de Belen

Showbuzz is certain that the board of judges of Miss Global 2016 will have a difficult time to pick the winning beauties from the 40 candidates vying for the title. With the coronation night set for September 24 at the Philippine International Convention Center, each candidate showed how they are out to win during their press presentation on Tuesday.

Considered as stand-outs are the ladies from Sweden, Australia, Ecuador, Ukraine and yes, the Philippines.

Another candidate who impressed Showbuzz was Miss Iran. For many years, pageants hardly see representatives from this Arab country because women are forbidden to join beauty contests. This candidate however said she left Iran 13 years ago with her mother and they now live in South Africa. “I want to be the voice of the women in Iran who cannot do what we in the free society can,” she said.

Miss Norway is also very interesting because she is half Filipina—her mom is Visayan. She was very excited to talk about the group’s trip Bohol this weekend for the swimsuit competition, adding “I have been telling the other candidates about how beautiful the Philippines is and I was telling them about Bohol, the Chocolate hills, the tarsiers. That’s why I was so happy when they told us that the swimsuit competition will be held there,” said Miss Norway.

Miss Iran, Romisa, is in Manila with other candidates for Miss Global 2016

Miss Iran, Romisa, is in Manila with other candidates for Miss Global 2016

Finally, Miss Philippines Camille Hirro has been playing her role as a host very well. She sees to it that every candidate is well taken care of, and is patien to answer the delegates’ questions. “I’m not only a host, I’m also their big sister. I want them to bring home good and unforgettable experiences here in the Philippines,” Camille ended.

SHORTS… The countdown to Oh Boy at the Music Museum is fast approaching. September 23 is D-Day so make sure you have your tickets…

It’s been awhile since Kristoffer Martin starred in a soap where he is in the lead. His fans will be happy to know that he is slated to work for a new soap with his favorite leading lady Joyce Ching. For now, he provides the voice for the theme song of the new Dingdong Dantes primetime starrer Alyas Robinhood.


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