Janine Gutierrez is thankful for a dream come true

Janine Guttierez is a favorite cover girl these days. PHOTO COURTESY OF PREVIEW MAGAZINE

Janine Guttierez is a favorite cover girl these days. PHOTO COURTESY OF PREVIEW MAGAZINE

With a growing number of covers in some of the country’s most prestigious fashion and lifestyle magazines, Janine Gutierrez celebrated this milestone by hosting a thanksgiving gathering at Green Sun in Makati City.

The name Janine Gutierrez has been all over magazine spreads and online publications these past months, and after successfully concluding her primetime on GMA network in March, she continues to prove that she is more than just another pretty face.

She has impressed the publications that she worked with for being unique, classy, and professional. She delivered mesmerizing photos in magazines and answered interviews intelligently. As part of a respected showbiz family—Janine’s parents are Monching Guttierez and Lotlot de Leon, and therefore has Pilita Corrales, Eddie Guttierez, Christopher de Leon and Nora Aunor as grandparents—she has set her mind on making a name for herself.

At her thanksgiving party, Janine graciously received her guests and took the opportunity acknowledge individuals and groups who have supported her since the beginning of her career. As the country’s newest fashion muse, she expressed excitement on being the cover girl of Preview magazine’s May issue.

“Preview is my first solo cover for a fashion magazine. And super saya nito kasi dream ko talagang mag-cover sa Preview. Siguro parang isa siya doon sa mga bagay na dream ng lahat ng babae or like when you were a little girl, ‘di ba?”

Despite her rising star, the GMA Artist Center talent remains humble and promised everyone who came to cheer her on that she will work harder in what is sure to be an endless string opportunities coming her way.


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  1. I agree with what the majority are saying about my sweetie Janine! GOD has blest her because she remains humble to these days! I am a SENIOR CITIZEN widow & she & Elmo keeps me company here in my family home! I don’t like comparing her to other young stars whose faces are not their own anymore (Drs. Belo & the other one I forgot but who does a very good job Calayan?) Other young stars are so perfectly pretty but do they have brains? & pa-english english lang & parents who doesn’t have brains too! Janine I’ll pray that you & Elmo will love each other & follow your dreams! GOD bless!

  2. yes she truly deserve to be in all magazine covers since she has the poise , the height and a classy looking girl. Very versatile she can be as a look a like of any Hollywood personality. Sometimes she look like Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis, Kylie Jenner and some other personality. She is a natural model and that’s why photographer likes her as their model cause she has the face of a model and very sophisticated, I love all her pictures, every angle is perfect as a model. Good job Janine and BJPacual and Vania\Romoff the designer.