• Janine Gutierrez leads ‘Legally Blind’ power cast


    Janine Gutierrez leads ‘Legally Blind’ power cast

    GMA Network debuts its newest gripping Afternoon Prime series, Legally Blind today. Based on true-to-life stories of women who have been victims of rape, the effects of drug abuse, pressure and rivalry within a household, it shows more importantly the unconditional love that binds families together and the resiliency of Filipinos in facing life’s challenges.

    Janine Gutierrez plays Grace Evangelista, a beautiful, hardworking, and responsible law student who eventually passes the board exam with flying colors.

    However, in a dreadful turn of events, she gets raped by an unknown culprit, scarring her forever when the distress and trauma causes her to lose her eyesight. She nevertheless chooses to pursue her passion for law and thus becomes a blind lawyer amid the quest in finding her perpetrator and seeking justice she rightfully deserves.

    Mikael Daez plays Edward Villareal, the handsome, rich, and principled man who will help Grace in her search for justice and eventually fall in love with her.

    Lauren Young is Charie Evangelista, the younger sister of Grace who’s deeply envious of her. She is forced to quit school after her parents decided to invest their money on Grace’s law education.

    Marc Abaya is William Villareal, the older brother of Edward. He is a successful businessman and married with a child on the way but easily gets tempted by his circle of friends.

    Rodjun Cruz is Joel Apostol, Grace’s old love and boyfriend from law school. He will try to win back Grace’s heart again.

    Also essaying pivotal roles are Chanda Romero as the loving mother of the sisters and Therese Malvar as Nina, the youngest sibling of Grace and a thoughtful, compassionate bundle of joy who looks up to Grace and keeps her motivated in life.

    Completing the cast are Lucho Ayala, Ashley Rivera, and Camille Torres.

    Legally Blind is under the direction of Ricky Davao and airs Mondays to Fridays after Ika-6 Na Utos.


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