• Jannarelly melds ‘60s design, modern driving dynamics


    E1-JANARELLY20160112Deliveries for the 304-hp roadster start summer 2016

    Do you want to drive a back-to-basics sports car with evocative 1960s style, but don’t want to deal with the stratospheric purchase price and mercurial reliability of five-decade-old Ferraris, Maseratis, Jaguars and AC Cobras?

    Then rejoice at the forthcoming Jannarelly Design-1, which was born out of the collaboration of Anthony Jannarelly, designer of W Motors Supercars, and Frederic Juillot, owner of carbon-fiber-parts company Equation Composite. The Dubai-based company said in a statement the Design-1 aims to be a really simple and mechanical car, with state-of-the-art components that can be customized until it reflects its owner.

    “It was conceived to be the start of an emotional journey through the essence of motoring: the thrill of driving and the emotion of owning a beautiful object expressing their very own self with the same free spirit taken from the golden age of sports cars,” Jannarelly said.

    Old-school look, new-school materials
    The fiberglass and carbon-fiber body indeed pays tribute to designs like the Jaguar E-Type and the AC Cobra. The projector headlights are buried in fenders that stick out like missiles. The simple, rectangular front grill lives in a pseudo-nosecone, with the carbon-fiber front diffuser and massive dual hood scoops announcing the car’s performance pretensions.

    Down the side, the front wheel-arch line extends right into the small doors, behind which are huge rear haunches that house the Design-1’s air intakes for the mid-mounted engine. Design features that are definitely 1960s are the petite windshield and the chrome, driver-only side mirror, while the carbon-fiber side skirt with a wing standing tall behind the front wheel provides a modern touch.

    Those rear fenders sweep towards a Kammback tail, where the LED taillights complement the twin tailpipes that stick out through a mesh cover. A large, carbon-fiber rear diffuser provides downforce in lieu of a clunky rear wing.

    3.5-liter V6,0-100 kph in 4.0 seconds
    Underpinning that stylish body is a Mig-welded steel tubular chassis with structural aluminum panels. According to the Jannarelly website, the track-ready Design-1 will have front and rear double-wishbone suspension with fully adjustable coilover dampers, four-piston front and two-piston rear brakes and16-inch alloy wheels wrapped in Toyo 225/50-series tires up front and 245/45-series tires at the back.

    Weighing just 710 kilograms, the company said the Design-1 gets to 100 kilometers per hour from rest in an estimated 4.0 seconds, with an estimated top speed of 220 kph. The two-seat roadster is powered by a 3.5-liter, twin-cam, 24-valve V6 engine producing 304 horsepower and 371 Newton-meters of torque, connected to a six-speed manual gearbox with a limited-slip differential.

    The company said the first prototype of the Design-1 will be finished in February 2016, with deliveries starting in summer this year. The company also said it intends to distribute the car in the United States and Europe, with prices starting at $55,000 (about P2.59 million).


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