Jao, Loza, Blue Circle builders colorum contractors?

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

If you are planning to buy a condo unit, do not just rely on the name of the builder. Also check if it has the license to build the structure.

According to the Philippine Contractors Association (PCA), it pays to check if the contractor or builder of the condominium unit you are buying is licensed by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB). After all, your life and those of your loved ones depend on the integrity of the contractor who built the building that will become your home.

On its website, the PCA named the Jao Builders and Development Corp., Loza Builders Design and Construction, Blue Circle Builders, and Concept Home Builders as the top four contractors in the country who build medium to high rise condominiums and building, yet they have no license and accreditation from the PCAB.

The PCA explained that without the necessary license and accreditation, there is no way that the government can check the quality and integrity of work by these builders.

Jao Builders, according to the PCA, was fined by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) last year and was ordered to apply for a license before it can engage in the construction business. However, the owner and the board of directors of the reportedly ignored the DTI order.

There have been complaints that Jao Builders sold defective condominium units and that it refused to fix the problems or give refund to their clients.

Surprisingly, some builders or contractors such as the Loza Builders, Blue Circle and Concept Homes who used to be a real estate agent, steel fabricator, and iron works specialist, respectively, shifted to the construction business but they do not have licenses to construct buildings.

Under Republic Act 4566 all contractors, irrespective of nationality, must first secure a license from PCAB before putting up a building.

According to PCA Executive Director Manolito Madrasto, without the license and accreditation “there is no assurance that the projects by these builders conform with the standards of the building code of the Philippines.”

I can’t understand why these construction companies refuse to secure their licenses.

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Measles outbreak?

But where’s the DOH?

The Department of Health (DOH) declared over the weekend a measles outbreak in Metro Manila following the sharp increase in the number of patients.

According to the DOH, the number of measles cases have reached in the hundreds and most of those affected are children, particularly babies, who have not yet been given vaccination shots.

Monday night saw hundreds of parents carrying their children lining up outside the San Lazaro Hospital in Manila waiting for their turn to be admitted and eventually given medical care.

Surprisingly, even though the DOH has announced an outbreak in the metropolis, it has not beefed up its personnel in hospitals.

According to TV5 correspondent Ina Zara, there were only two doctors attending to hundreds of patients at the San Lazaro Hospital on Monday night.

A video footage of TV5’s Askyon Primetime news showed bed being shared by two to three patients. Their watchers had to sleep on the floor.

While officials of the said Health department, especially Secretary Enrique

Ona, are very visible in media briefings these days, they have yet to be seen in hospitals so that they themselves can see the sorry state of patients and the stressed-out medical staff.

One wonders, where are Ona and his men?

Stop the talking Secretary Ona. Move!



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  1. really PCAB guarantees quality and integrity of projects built by their members? how come we have a lot of sub standard roads and highways whereas their members are mostly govt contractors? i would rather trust these non members than those members of PCA.

  2. How come P-noy is so quiet about the measles outbreak in Metro Manila while he outrightly blamed the mayor of Tacloban about the numerous casualties in the Yolanda typhoon?
    Is he not be blamed ( yung DOH Secretary)

  3. Andy R Samson on

    Introduces an element of doubt on the integrity of erected building as the next round of tremors and shocks will get the better of these sloppy constructions. Use of under-spec reinforcing bars and substandard concrete mixes have been known for a long time and yet the practice in the construction industry continues unabated. DTI would normally be the agency that should be the Office of Primary Interest in licensing with collateral oversight of Public Works and Professional Licensing Agency and Professional Organizations and the germane Professional Associations and Entities. Maybe, collapse of poorly constructed buildings is a good way of addressing the growing big bubble in the building construction industry sector.