Japan a more trustworthy ally


We need to form an alliance with Japan. That country is a more trustworthy and more reliable partner than even the US.

We should support Japan, even if we have to have our sons and daughter to fight its war with China.

We need to supply the Japanese military the way we did with the US Navy in Subic Bay and Sangley Point.

The japanese had a very long partnership with the Filipino people, If we respond favourably to the Japanese offer of friendship, both our economies will grow and our people will benefit from jobs and technology transfer.

Having lived in Japan for more than (on and off) three years and having observed the Japanese people up close, I know that deep in their hearts they were sorry for what happened in WWII. The Japanese, when you earned their trust, are probably the best partner we could ever have.

I hope we give the Japanese navy access to our ports

The Japanese should be open to the idea of Filipinos taking Japanese citizenship, and the Filipinos should do the same. There are so many mixed Filipino-Japanese kids even here in California. The Philippines has a large population and the Japanese have the technology.

The Japanese and Filipinos share common traits. They are both hardworking and intelligent peoples, and they are aware of the fact.

Even the Americans love these Japanese and trust them very much. We should do too

Rick Bernabe


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