• Japan eco fuel firm seeks PH partners


    Osaka, Japan-based manufacturer of eco-friendly diesel fuel is seeking Philippine partners to set up manufacturing plants in the country, according to company officials who visited with a technical team last week.

    Michiniko Ikegami and Masaru Ikegami, President and Director, respectively, of Clean Support Co., Ltd., based in Suita City, Osaka, said they are looking for Filipinos to be their partners in establishing mass production of an environmentally friendly and cheaper diesel known as “clean eco fuel.”

    “Clean eco fuel is compatible with all diesel-run machines,” the Ikegamis told reporters at a forum in Manila. Masaru is the inventor of the technology in which regular diesel fuel is mixed with 42 percent purified water. With the 42 percent water mixture, the clean eco fuel is also 40 percent cheaper than the existing diesel being sold in the country.

    “We mix oil with water and a special additive and let it pass through a system where ions and impurities of the water are removed. After pouring the original oil, the particles of the hydrogen, carbon and oxygen are anodized in a special mixer. Hydrocarbons decompose into low molecules in this process. Then they are reunited by a special additive we developed,” the Japanese investors said.

    The Ikegamis said the technology they developed enhances environmental conservation by reducing dependence on coal and fuel oil.

    “We have been pursuing new solutions, and after 10 years of study we were able to improve the chemical composition and combustion quality aside from reducing energy cost. This is the main purpose of our state of the art technology,” they said.

    There is no need to remodel any diesel-run machines because clean eco fuel is safe for conventional diesel engines, they stressed.

    “With clean eco fuel we hope to help global environment conservation and dramatically reduce fuel cost,” they said.

    Clean eco fuel is another option to biodiesel and bioethanol, which were introduced in the country by European and American businessmen, respectively.

    President Rodrigo Duterte has been vocal against products manufactured by American and European technologies.


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