• Japan lawmakers visit controversial war shrine


    TOKYO: Dozens of Japanese lawmakers visited a controversial war shrine Tuesday, in an annual pilgrimage that drew an angry response from Seoul, which sees it as a painful reminder of Tokyo’s warring past.

    China did not immediately comment, but it criticized Abe’s offering on Monday.

    The group of about 85 politicians arrived at the leafy Yasukuni shrine in downtown Tokyo during a four-day autumn festival.

    Led by priests, the dark-suited lawmakers entered the main shrine building to pray for Japan’s war dead as they bowed at the threshold.

    The visit comes a day after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — often criticized for what some see as a revisionist take on Japan’s wartime record — sent an offering to the shrine, but avoided a visit.

    Yasukuni honors millions of Japanese war dead, but also senior military and political figures convicted of war crimes after World War II.



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