Japan park explosion, a suicide incident


TOKYO: The bomb explosion at a park in the city of Utsunomiya some 100 kilometers north of Tokyo on Sunday might have been a bizarre suicide, police and reports said.

A festival was under way at the park when a 72-year-old former member of Japan’s Self Defense Forces apparently set off an explosive device that killed him and left three people injured including two seriously, Kyodo News reported, citing police.

“One person was found dead,” a local fire department spokesman told AFP without elaborating.

Around noon police found pensioner Toshikatsu Kurihara at the park in the city of Utsunomiya, , after receiving a call about a person engulfed in flames following what sounded liked a blast, reports said.

Police suspect that Kurihara killed himself and a suicide note with his name on it was found inside a sock he was wearing, Kyodo said.

“I pay with my life,” the note reportedly said, expressing concerns about family issues.

Two men, one 64 and the other 58, were seriously injured in the blast while a 14-year-old junior high school student was left with minor injuries.

Kurihara’s house in the city, where he reportedly lived alone, was burnt to the ground Sunday morning.



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