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    Japan signs three new grant contracts


    Japanese Ambassador Koji Haneda signed three grant contracts at the Embassy of Japan, with the representatives of recipient local government unit for several social development projects in the Philippines on February 27.

    The ceremony was attended by Director Margarita Ballesteros, International Cooperation Office of the Department of Education and Assistant Secretary Enrique Tayag, Office for Policy and Health Systems of the Department of Health.

    Japanese Ambassador Koji Haneda (center) approves GPP contracts providing classrooms, medical fixtures and potable water system in Luzon region

    These new approved contracts of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) will provide a total of nine units of classrooms to one high school, two operating room lights and two delivery beds to one public hospital, and Level 2 water system to one municipality in Luzon region. Total grant amount for these contracts is P15 million pesos.

    Construction of classrooms

    With the implementation of K-12 system, the shortage of classrooms at Leuteboro National High School in Oriental Mindoro has worsened due to increase in enrollment. Classrooms became congested, and as a mitigation measure, school offices and the gymnasium were converted for classroom use. This situation inadvertently affects the learning environment of the students. Through GGP, 9 new classrooms will be constructed including classroom furniture which will ultimately aim to provide conducive learning environment for 230 Grades 11 & 12 students newly enrolled under K to 12. With the new classrooms, the students will no longer experience attending classes in crowded and makeshift classrooms.

    Provision of medical fixtures

    Bontoc General Hospital is the main public hospital in the Mountain Province. Given the large number of patients that it accommodates, Bontoc General Hospital encountered difficulty in providing adequate, and safe medical services due to dilapidated operating room lights and delivery beds. Through GGP, two operating room lights and two delivery beds will be provided which aims to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of operations, and delivery procedures in the hospital. The project is expected to benefit approximately 1,300 patients in need of operations and 700 delivering pregnant women annually.

    Construction of potable water system

    One of the concerns of Barangay Banawel in the municipality of Natonin in Mountain Province is the difficulty in access to water supply. Majority of households have to fetch water in the nearby spring source daily which often takes an hour back and forth. This burdens the community especially the women who are mostly doing the household chores. Through GGP, a potable water system for the 3 sitios of Barangay Banawel will be constructed. Once completed, it is expected to benefit 175 households (approximately 940 family members) with access to safe water. This project will lessen the time spent for fetching water, and thus women can use their time more productively.


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