Japan to help Saudi cut oil dependence


RIYADH: Japan is ready to help the Kingdom reduce its dependence on oil and ready to help in the Vision 2030 plan implementation, Japanese Ambassador Norihiro Okuda has said.

“Our successful experiences regarding economic growth and prosperity without reliance on oil enables Japan to share ideas with Saudi Arabia and turn Vision 2030 plan into a reality,” he said.

Next week, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will head a delegation to China to discuss economic and security issues with officials in Beijing. From August 31 to September 2, he will be in Japan for talks with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

He will return to China to attend the September 4-5 G20 summit, during which he is expected to introduce Vision 2030 to the international audience.

“The past three years have seen mutual visits, which were very important for the leaders of the two countries,” the Japanese envoy said.

He noted that Abe’s visit to the Kingdom in 2013 and that of then Crown Prince and now King Salman to Japan in 2014 brought the bilateral ties to a higher level.

“Such ties will be bolstered further as the deputy crown prince visits Japan to meet the premier,” Okuda said.

“The imperial family in Japan and royal family in Saudi Arabia are bound with deep, lasting and special friendship,” the envoy said.



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