Japanese man, 73, completes record swim across strait


TOKYO: A Japanese man aged 73 became the world’s oldest person to swim across the country’s Tsugaru Strait on Wednesday, supporters said, braving unpredictable currents and stinging jellyfish in his quest. Toshio Tominaga’s record bid saw him spend about 10 hours swimming across the channel in northern Japan that is considered one of the world’s most difficult because of strong and unpredictable currents, his supporters said. The strait is only 19.5 kilometers (12 miles) wide at its narrowest point, but Tominaga ended up swimming 38 kilometers, ploughing northward as he battled currents moving eastward, support team member Masayuki Moriya said. Tominaga “is so exhausted that he needs to rest,” Moriya told Agence-France Presse minutes after the achievement.



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