Jasmine Curtis and the beauty of business


Jasmine Curtis, beauty and brains

TO make business her pleasure.

This was Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s response when asked what she’d choose between going into business or having fun. An aspiring entrepreneur, the teen idol believes that making business a pleasure is one of the surest ways to attain success.

“I know for a fact that the best way to success is by loving what you do. Kapag you love what you do kasi, you put your mind and soul to it. It’s just like showbiz where you invest practically everything to your craft.

“Just take a look at all the big companies that we see now, most of them—if not all—started small. But their owners were able to turn their dreams into realities by investing their hearts and minds into whatever it was they decided to do.”

The TV5 talent said that she encourages everyone, especially the young ones, to try their hand in business—stressing the importance of starting early when it comes to things that can help build one’s future.

“My mom always says, if it’s something you really believe in, the earlier the better. I myself started early in showbiz because it’s something I know I can do, and it’s what I really want to do, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to do other things. I believe the same principle applies to people starting their own businesses. I mean, why waste time, money and resources working for other people, when you can start working for yourself now?”

Start with a franchise
Jasmine believes she is ready to go into business, and said she wanted to start a profitable and self-sustaining venture that can serve as her fallback should she retire from showbiz.

“I’m looking at a lot of possibilities now; I’m still not that sure talaga pero I’m currently looking at the possibility of franchising. It’s the easiest way to jumpstart your own business. I mean, kapag bet mo yung business, you pay the franchise fee lang, take care of a couple of minor details and that’s it. What can be easier, right?”

When asked if she has any particular brand she’d like to franchise from, Jasmine quickly answered Flawless Face and Body Center.

“I really believe in Flawless. I for one can prove that their products and services are really effective. Nagpapa-Flawless ako at least twice a month and I can say that I’m a bit hooked to their body scrub and facial.

“Everyone’s vain now. I don’t think there’s any one person today who can say na they don’t exert kahit na a small effort to make themselves look good. That’s why an aesthetic clinic is really a good business idea. And siyempre, kapag aesthetic center, Flawless na.”

All about trust
There are various benefits one can get by running a Flawless franchise. A brand that has earned national recognition and the trust of even the most discerning personalities like Divine Lee, Lorna Tolentino and Maxene Magalona, Flawless’ sales, according to Jasmine, show how one can attain business success through the brand.

“With franchises becoming part of an operation system, Flawless has been successfully serving the public since 2001. Its franchisees are at an advantage of marketing products and services from a well-loved brand. Therefore, there is minimal risk of business failure as there are a lot of support provided by the company itself, including special training, marketing and sales support, and assistance in choosing the ideal location,” enumerated the smart and beautiful lady.

Today, Flawless boasts of 35 strategically located clinics nationwide. Equipped with revolutionary products, tools, and equipment, its roster of well-trained doctors and skin professionals are all qualified to diagnose and treat many skin conditions—a unique trait that allowed the brand to claim the tag “Powered by Skin Professionals.”

“With a well-established name, easy terms that franchisees can jumpstart their businesses with, and a time-tested formula for success, truly, it’s not that difficult to see a brighter and beautiful future with Flawless,” concluded Jasmine.


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