Jasmine Curtis on ‘losing’ Ritz Azul



Jasmine Curtis expressed surprised that Ritz Azul, one of the homegrown talents of TV5, has transferred to ABS-CBN and is now a Kapamilya artist. That makes Jasmine just one of the remaining princess in the Kapatid network.

But Jasmine reasons out that moving from one network to another is a given. New talents from Viva also move to TV5 where they are given good projects since Viva is now the content provider of the Kapatid channel.

“Every year we have a lot of new talents naman from Viva. I guess season lang ‘yan in each person’s career. I don’t think you can blame anyone but it’s a personal decision, “said the younger sister of Anne Curtis. “Respect everyone’s work. Everyone wants to have a food on their table. But I am happy for her. I am happy where I am too.”

There were rumors before that Jasmine was set to transfer to ABS-CBB but thing is Ritz has beaten her to the draw. But it is no big deal for her. “You know what? I don’t really care. For me, it is where I find work. I am busy with TV 5. I am always given projects. It may be a big show, a digital show. Or it may be a guesting. I am not always the lead but I always have something to work with! And they are not strict when it comes to accepting jobs from other networks.”

Jasmine is one of the mainstays of Ang Panday (with Richard Gutierrez as the lead) and her digital show Forever Sucks is on its second season.

“These rumors starts from people wanting to mess up, I guess my relationship with TV5. I have to time for time. It’s fine with if Ritz moved to another channel. What is the issue with that,” she added.

 Jasmine Curtis

Jasmine Curtis

For Jasmine, showbiz is not a race and she is not one who will lose sleep if someone does something ahead of her. She says she only has herself to serve in her work and she doesn’t to be compared with other. They don’t same life plans, do they?

It is really tough to be an indie producer since you might yourself at the mercy of theater owners who will give you a hard time getting a play date. But once you get it, there is the danger of your being pulled out because of lack of audience.

Debuting producer Chris Cahilig of 360 Productions, which produced the black comedy Echorsis, encountered a rough time with the theater owners. Well, his is a newbie production outfit and not a major player like Star Cinema.

Just three days after Echorsis, (which stars John Lapus, Alex Medina and Kean Cipriano, written by Jerry Gracio and directed by Lem Lorca), SM started pulling out the movie. Even if it was critically-acclaimed and is well-received, Echorsis, found itself losing theaters by the day. But thanks to the appeal made by the producer and its director in social media, and by word of mouth, Echorsis was able to get another week in the theaters.

The first week of Echorsis in terms of income was not so good but it was across the board. But the foreign movies that opened on the same week didn’t do well contrary to expectations. Maybe it’s because of the hot weather that somehow made people think twice in getting out the comfort of their homes to watch a movie.

But thanks to the loyal supporters of Echorsis, who bombarded social media with appeals to watch the movie, it has stayed on for another week. It may have lost a few theaters but the word of mouth publicity was enough to persuade the people to watch.

We are not privy as to how much Chris Cahilig spent for his passion project but we wish that he would be able to recoup his investment, maybe more than enough to entice to embark into another passion project.

We enjoy watching Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza on Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye. We marvel at the way Eat Bulaga was able to make big stars of the two, thanks to regular exposure in the top-rating noontime show. The success of Kalyeserye made translated to tons of product endorsements for Maine and Alden. Name it and they have it—milk, ice cream, hotdog, detergent, to banks and pawnshops. The list continues to grow.

Their fans are waiting for their big project—the first solo movie of the tandem to be released in July in time for the one-year anniversary of AlDub.

But while we are happy for AlDub, we feel sad for some troublesome members of their fan clubs. We understand how much they love their idols but it’s not right for them to feel anger if Alden works with another actress or Maine with another actor.

If we desire professional growth for Alden and Maine as artists, these fans should give them chance to work with others.

And we certainly hope that these fans won’t go to the extent of bashing tabloid writers just because they didn’t like what they wrote about AlDub. These writers are just doing their job of reporting their observations about AlDub.


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