• Jasmine Mojdeh, an eye opener to sports officials during competitions



    That was also the time when former Senator Nikki Coseteng became the voice of Philippine Swimming League (PSL). Coseteng saw clearly the discrimination and abuse of power in Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and its National Sports Association (NSA). She saw that there was no grassroots development program under the Philippine Swimming Incorporated (PSI), which POC tolerated.

    It was discussed with her the need to develop swimmers from grassroots and that fruits of it will take sometime to be developed. Coseteng and I saw clearly how the swimmers we developed was easily recruited by PSi just by a snap of a finger by PSi coaches and once recruited they are no longer allowed to join PSL events. Coseteng saw clearly that it was not easy dealing with the sports both in private and government officials. That Coseteng saw clearly the bad tactics being employed for PSL just to tire PSL and just quit.

    But by grace of God I also saw clearly that i need only one swimmer to open the eyes of sports officials, particularly the government sports officials of PSC. That swimmer is no other than Jasmine Mojdeh, who started in a ‘learn to swim program’ with PSL when she was five years old. The PSC accorded her airfare and accommodation in joining the 2018 Middle East Open and Junior championship.

    PSL got invited by many international teams just to be able to see Jasmine. Wherever competition she joins, she will amaze the crowd and will brand her as an “AMAZING SWIMMER.”

    It opened the eyes of someone from France who approached me to let Jasmine compete with them. It opened the eyes of Tehran swimming officials, as they asked Jasmine to have photo with them. All opened the eyes of Indian parents who took her video as Jasmine swam. It open the eyes of many spectators while she is walking and approached her and commending her with her amazing swim. We do not want to see another mistake where we lost our chess player Wesley So!

    When will our Philippine sports officials open their eyes for Jasmine and imposed the Duterte administration game plan of “EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES” for every athlete?

    When will PSC democratize Philippine swimming by implementing institutional and policy reforms, specifically on the exercise of rulemaking, visitorial and disciplinary powers over NSAs.

    For POC and NSA functions should be reviewed to make them more responsive and in harmony to the spirit of the law and constitution.


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