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    Documentaries and motorbike rider Jay Taruc

    Five months since television audiences bid farewell to Jay Taruc’s “Motorcycle Diaries,” the seasoned documentarist is once again mounting his favorite two-wheel vehicle before the camera for new adventures.

    Beginning tomorrow, Taruc is back hosting from his big bike via “Ride PH” on GMA News TV.

    This time, however, Taruc resets show’s focus to be able to serve new options for viewers. Whereas Motorcycle Diaries carried stories of people and places that Taruc encountered while riding, Ride PH will focus more on motorcycling itself as a lifestyle.

    “For the past six years we tackled social issues through Motorcycle Diaries but all the same, we’d get inquiries from the audience like the brand of motorcycle that we ride, what type of motorcycle should they use for everyday ride to their work, for weekend rides, for long or short drives, how to fix their bikes, and things like that.

    “And so, we realized, this is the type of information that people are currently interested in, so why not respond to the clamor?” Taruc shared during the media launch of Ride PH.

    Moreover, Taruc noted he felt the show comes at the right time when the motorcycle community is continuously growing. “More people are learning how to ride motorcycles and sales of this type of vehicle keep on going up.”

    He cited the likes of celebrity riders Ryan Agoncillo, Drew Arellano, Paolo Abrera and Jericho Rosales—who themselves have formed their riding group The Brap Pack—among those who have caught the bug. In Hollywood, too A-listers like their big bikes such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

    Taruc further said that he will wear more than just a host’s hat for Ride PH, because as it turns out, his show is a GMA News TV-block timer and he is one of its producers.

    “I am learning how to be a producer from the industry. It’s hard and it’s also hard to sell the program to sponsors [the same reason why Motorcycle Diaries was cut off the air despite the high rating and awards it amassed for six years], but we believe in Ride PH and the content that we will offer weekly,” Taruc confessed.

    As a tele-magazine, Ride PH will carry segments of different focus. There’s “Motor Trends” where the latest product, bike models and trends are featured; “Ride PH Headlines” for the most pressing news for motorcycle riders, motorists, commuters and everyone else on the road; and “Toolbox” or the safety tips for motor riders with emphasis on maintenance and protective gear.

    Bikers themselves will be featured in segments like “My Ride,” which puts the spotlight on a rider’s love affair with his bike; and “Bike Tribes” where motorcycle groups and club in and around Metro Manila take center stage.

    Of course, public service will not be left out for the award-winning “I-Witness” documentarist as he formulates the segment “Motor Issues” where resource persons and riders are invited to a round table on pressing issues that concern the motorcycle-riding public.

    On a final note, Taruc reiterated that now is the right time for a program like Ride PH.

    “We think it’s high time for the local television scene to have this kind of show because the population of riders is definitely growing,” Taruc ended.

    Christina Alpad


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