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One year after the Philippines’ Queen of Rock Roll Elizabeth Ramsey succumbed to a hyperglycemic attack, heavy drama has unfolded for her daughter Jaya, who has been accused by her sister Susan she was amiss in taking care of their mother before her death.

Susan was beyond furious at the soul and R&B singer when she faced media late last week. “Sa lahat ng treatment niya sa nanay namin… It’s so sad that it was all professional, it was all fake being on TV loving her mom. She always said three of us [siblings]are in the States, but the three of us have spent more time with my mom talking to her online. We were in another country and she was here but she would only visit mom maybe once a year—not even on Christmas or Mother’s Day!”

 Jaya chooses to be quiet about the matter while emotions are high

Jaya chooses to be quiet about the matter while emotions are high

Enraged, the balikbayan Ramsey added, “How many times did I come home to see rats in [my mom’s]house? She [Jaya] lives in a mansion but she couldn’t even put her mother in a decent house. What kind of daughter is that?”

Susan flew in from Newark, California where she is based to exhume the remains of Mama Beth and transfer them from Holy Garden Memorial in Antipolo to their hometown in San Carlos, Negros Occidental. Apparently, they just borrowed the plot where their mother had been buried from a friend.

Susan insisted that it was Mama Beth’s dying wish to be buried beside her relatives in Negros. A wish that according to Susan, Jaya could not even grant even if she is the only one based in the Philippines among the siblings.

Jaya initially planned to cremate the comedic singer’s remains when she passed away on October 8, 2015.

“If you love your mom so much and she’s been buried here for almost a year, was there ever a time you visited her?” Susan retorted. “And then you’re going to scam me by saying Mama asked to be cremated? Can I say the words bull sh*t!”

Susan sees no reconciliation with Jaya any time soon, and has this message for her sister: “As she continues her life, but don’t use [the surname]Ramsey! Because before you ignored [the]Ramsey. Mama made the name Ramsey, and without her you would never be Jaya. You’ve been wanting her to die all these years because you want to be the only Ramsey in the country!”

Susan Ramsey fulfills mom Elizabeth’s wish to be buried beside relatives in Negros

Susan Ramsey fulfills mom Elizabeth’s wish to be buried beside relatives in Negros

Sought for her reaction, Jaya said she has chosen to keep quiet on the issue while her sister’s emotions are still high. She further said she is leaving the decision of their mother’s final resting place to Susan to avoid further conflict.

“I will not speak about this matter. I’ll just let her deal with this,” Jaya declared.

In The Know met up with Tito Boy Abunda at the opening of the latest branch of Goodah restaurant chain at Timog Avenue in Quezon City. The new eatery stands where Ozone Disco was located before it burned down in 1996, causing the death of some 162 clubbers.

Tito Boy’s establishment is officially the first operational business on the infamous spot. Nevertheless, the seasoned host was very optimistic about Goodah’s future there if only for the jobs the resto has given people.

He said he even spoke to the spirits a day before they opened on October 4. “I was here last night when the place was still closed and empty, and quietly I spoke to the spirits. Nagpasintabi ako at sabay dasal na rin. I asked for their forgiveness and blessing.”

Tito Boy also talked about one of his best friend, Kris Aquino whom he speaks to almost every day. He spilled that whatever Kris’ career plans are he knows she is going to be okay. He related that Kris is just taking her time in starting anything because she is extra cautious taking any career move. “She knows what she wants, she is not making an easy decision; her process is so cerebral. She thinks about everything.”

Boy Abunda

Boy Abunda

GUESS WHO? A production team was laughing at this famous and “feeling” newbie star. As she arrived for taping with her more known co-stars at a public location, she was the first to approach the fans of the show and offer herself for picture taking and autograph signing. The bad part was the fans did not even know her, and they practically ignored newbie starlet as they screamed for her more known co-stars.

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