JC De Vera is in awe of the Superstar



No actor worth his salt will ever pass on the chance of working with the legendary Superstar Nora Aunor. She is considered one of the finest, if not the greatest actress of her generation.

So when ABS-CBN actor JC De Vera learned of the offer to be in a film with her, he immediately said yes without even asking what the movie was all about.

This is how JC found himself on the set of Kabisera, now one of the entries to the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival.

”Amazing! It was an amazing experience,” said the actor when asked what was it like working with Ate Guy. “I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by her presence. It was a beautiful experience being with her as an actress on and off screen. Sobrang bait niya.”

JC added that Ate Guy was so generous in making her co-stars feel comfortable on the set. “We had many scenes together because we play a family in the movie. I am one of her sons and most of time I stand close to her in some scenes.”

He would have been starstruck working for the first time with the Superstar, but as JC shared, “Ate Guy is so good-natured. She made the shoot memorable for everyone. There was no pressure, no feeling of anxiety or nervousness. It was a fun set.”

JC said he actually felt more excited than nervous with the thought of working with the Superstar. “I told myself that I should savor that sense of fulfilment of finally doing a scene with her, because for most actors, that’s a once in a lifetime experience. To act with her is a privilege.”

Along with his co-actors JC veritably had an acting workshop with Ate Guy as on the set. “She was very supportive to all of us. She told us that a good team effort would make our scenes come out well. And since ours is a family movie, we made sure that the scenes we did as a family will make the audience feel that we are a real family onscreen.”

JC De Vera (rightmost) with Nora Aunor (third from left), Ricky Davao (back) and other cast members of ‘Kabisera’

JC De Vera (rightmost) with Nora Aunor (third from left), Ricky Davao (back) and other cast members of ‘Kabisera’

In the story, JC plays the responsible son in Ate Guy’s brood. His character is very straightforward and he knows what he wants in life.

“My mother sees me as someone who can be relied on. I have a very good relationship with my parents and that is one value that this movie hopes to impart to the viewers.”

This year’s festival started on a controversial note after so called “indies” made it as official entries but JC looks at the change as something refreshing.

“I think this experience is teaching us to be open-minded. Let’s think that there are other types of movies that are also worth watching. Let’s embrace the change and accept the idea that we can learn and appreciate other types of movies as well. These movies have good stories to tell. Let’s give them chance.”

He believes that Kabisera will have a fruitful stint in the festival simply because it’s a good movie. “We are lucky to be part of this festival featuring well-selected entries, and to be one of the Magic 8 is already an honor. Whatever blessing this festival will give Kabisera, I will be more than grateful.”


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