• Je Suis, Je Suis


    So many live on and want nothing,
    and are raised to the rank of prince
    by the slippery ease of their light judgments.

    But what you love to see are faces
    that do work and feel thirst.—Rainer Maria Rilke

    now that i’ve trimmed/edited/cut down
    my once extravagant wants
    into the simplest of needs
    for food, roof over head, blanket
    against cold, simple threads
    of graciously received
    and hand-me-ups

    what’s left is some
    cloying residual fear
    of masked grunting princes
    invoking their righteous king’s’
    promise of bedding
    heaven’s 10,000 virgins

    bursting into my comics-filled
    work room armed with
    an arsenal of killing,
    blowing my child’s head
    into bloody blobs because
    my name is charlie
    as in “good grief!” brown
    and i believe in a god
    who laughs.


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