• Jealousy sparks bloodbath in Negros town


    BACOLOD CITY: Jealousy proved fatal to four people, including a five-year-old boy, and wounded two other family members in Moises Padilla town of Negros Occidental.

    Initial investigation by Moises Padilla police showed that jealousy over a woman led to the confrontation between relatives James Labiga, 27 and Kerwin Royo, 22. The altercation started on Tuesday night and lasted until Wednesday morning.

    According to the police report, Kerwin and Esperijon Royo, 20 were having a drinking spree at the residence of Esteban Empanto when Labiga and his nephew Debrick, both reportedly under the influence of liquor, passed by and provoked trouble by smashing the bamboo fence.

    Labiga then entered Empanto’s residence and stabbed Kerwin on the right armpit causing him to fall to the ground. The suspect then confronted and stabbed Esperijon hitting his right arm.

    The two were immediately brought to the neighboring Isabela District Hospital but Kerwin was pronounced dead-on-arrival while Esperijon was transferred to Bacolod City for further medical treatment.

    A hot pursuit operation was immediately launched against the fleeing Labiga.

    On Wednesday morning, or about 10 hours after, Kerwin’s uncle Ernesto Royo and his brother Fritz, 30, armed with a knife and gun, spotted Labiga at the house of his friend, Michael Mirano.

    They assaulted Labiga who fought back and used the son of Mirano, five-year-old John Michael, as human shield.

    Ernesto sustained multiple stabbed wounds in the body, while Labiga sustained stab and gunshot wounds that resulted in their deaths.

    A stray bullet killed John Michael.

    Fritz Royo, wounded, was brought to Bacolod City for treatment.


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