Jee killers will pay


President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said the police officers behind the abduction and killing of South Korean executive Jee Ick-joo will be punished.

SPO3 Ricky Santa Isabel, the principal suspect in the abduction and killing of South Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo, takes his oath before testifying at the Senate on Thursday. Also present was another suspect, Supt. Rafael Dumlao.

In his speech during the groundbreaking of the Sarangani Energy Corp. power plant in Sarangani, Duterte formally apologized for the death of Jee and assured Koreans that those responsible for the crime will go to prison.

“I apologize for the death of your compatriot. We are very sorry that it had to happen,” the President said.

“But I can assure you, those responsible are known to us already and they will go to prison and I will see to it that they will be sentenced to the maximum,” he added.

Duterte, who had been very supportive of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said he believes that the killers are policemen.

“I am very sorry for that sordid incident. But I can assure you, I will see to it… Better if they escape from prison. I’ll send their heads to you. Police, you sons of bitches, I won’t let you get away with it. You will suffer,” the President said.

Jee was abducted from his home in Angeles, Pampanga on October 18 under the guise of a legitimate “Oplan Tokhang” raid.

The Korean was brought to Camp Crame, the headquarters of the PNP. The Justice department confirmed last week that he was strangled to death and his remains were cremated.

The victim’s wife paid a ransom of P5 million, thinking that Jee was still alive.

Another case

At the Senate inquiry into the case on Thursday, PNP chief Ronald Dela Rosa said the prime suspect in Jee’s killing, SPO3 Ricky Sta. Isabel, was also tagged in a kidnapping case in 2007.

Dela Rosa said Sta. Isabel was accused of being involved in the abduction of a certain Arlene Tan but the case did not prosper.

“There is a big possibility that similar cases have been happening in the past because SPO3 Sta. Isabel has been involved in abduction case in March 2007,” Dela Rosa said when asked by Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto 3rd if the police force had recorded similar incidents in the past.

Senator Grace Poe urged the PNP to look into the financial status of the police officers involved in the abduction and killing of Jee.

In an interview at the sidelines of the Senate inquiry, Poe said the PNP should start with Sta. Isabel, Supt. Rafael Dumlao of the PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Group and other policemen who took part in the operation.

It was learned during the hearing that Sta. Isabel had a net worth of P17.3 million.

The figure is lower compared to his net worth in 2014 which was P20.3 million.

Sta. Isabel owns five houses in Bagombong, Caloocan, a four-story commercial building in Cubao, Quezon City, and two vehicles.

“This really raises suspicion. If you remember he kept on evading answering questions about his monthly income. But eventually we learned that he is earning P8,000 a month as a police officer,” Poe said.

Poe also questioned Sta. Isabel’s numerous businesses, which included a lotto outlet, a Western Union remittance center and an insurance firm.

But the police officer explained that it was his wife, Jinky, who had been running the family business.
Poe meanwhile lamented the “breakdown in the chain of command” in the PNP as rogue policemen have been doing illegal activities in the guise of the administration’s anti-drug campaign.

Several groups have also accused Duterte of promoting a culture of impunity with his repeated promises to protect policemen.

Senator Juan Edgardo Angara also raised the need for authorities to monitor the case and make sure those responsible will be punished, because failure to do so would have a negative effect on the country’s image.
South Korea is one of the country’s biggest sources of tourists, with approximately one million visitors a year.

Critics fear the police force is spearheading a campaign of extrajudicial killings while corrupt officers are using the campaign as cover for their own rackets.

Duterte said this week he would tolerate them earning “sideline” money, a euphemism for various corrupt activities, as long as that did not involve drugs.



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  1. If small time drug dealer is being killed unjustly i think sta isabel and other involved should suffer more, not just death but a continuing shaming forever

  2. My tax accountant in NY who happened to be Korean-American asks me: How come the Philippine police did that to my fellow Korean businessman? I couldn’t say any word. I am just embarrassed as a Filipino-American. I am ashamed about it.

  3. Having lived in this country for 20+ years one constant is if your a victim of crime the last organisation you want to involve is PNP. They add to your loss by asking for illegal payments to investigate said crime ( supposed to be they’re duty).

  4. The kidnapping ramp up during the presidency of Fidel Ramos. I heard story of someone who knows someone who got kidnap and the kidnapper was wearing military outfit. To assume that only PNP are doing kidnapping is naive.

    During the time of Fidel Ramos, a lot of rich people migrated out of the country for this reason. Cory administrations, who was more interested in renaming streets and other places was the start of the collapse of discipline in police and military.

    Philippine should never have a president from the yellow party again.

  5. Yehey!! Philippine National Police the best police in the world! Double na ang sweldo may TOKHANG for RANSOM pa!! Mabuhay ang Pilipino si Digong at Bato!!!

  6. Dear Digon PH President|

    Yesterday, I went to SM Manila to have a Teeth Cleaning. On my way home, I did pass beside Manila City Hall where there was a Jeepney full of Manila City Jail Prisoners in Yellow who were all women + Jail Guards who are Lesbians: They did laugh at me and was heckling about my drink-I don’ t know why? I ignored them at first but when I already in a post to wait for a UV Express towards Espana: These Women Prisoners including the Lesbian Jail Guards would still call my attention and would heckle with laughter-I now think that their intention was to annoy me in their boredom of waiting to depart the Manila City Hall. I did Call the Lesbian Jail Guard’ s Attention to shut her Prisoners up from their laughter| but the Jail Guard also di LAUGH at me: HOW AWFUL ARE THE GOVERNMENT JAIL GUARDS?

    What is worst, when they did leave the Manila City Hall| the Jail Jeepney did pass by my post on the street and the Prisoners including the Jail Guards was still in Heckjle and Laughter-saying: “Ate, Pahenge ng Iniinom mo. Hahahahahahaha!!” What is wrong with my French Baker Mint Lemonade Drink, that made it so funny and HeckleWorthy for these Women?

    I say Digong, you should discipline your Police People| they are now acting JUST LIKE YOU :P

    PH Government| A DOWNER.

  7. Don’t just say it. Do it. We’re sick and tired of Duterte’s threats and promises. He’s partly to blame for the cops’ crimes because he has spoiled them.

  8. Promises ! Promises ! Promises ! Bring it on Mr. President ! These nightmares need to be stopped here and now. The people are closely watching what happens to the people involved in this kidnapping-for-ransom case. No more talk, talk, talk.

  9. PNP should be proactive, how can we prove legitimacy of such arrests? HOW CAN WE STOP HULIDAPS?

    1) 2 copies of arrest order must be made, 1 copy for the arresting officer and one copy for PNP HQ, drug suspects should be shown the arrest order signed by the arresting officer and his commanding officer or a judge, the suspect then should be given a chance or phone call the PNP HQ to confirm the arrest order – only then that the cops will capture and effect the arrest order – NO CONFIRMATION NO ARREST!

    2) in this tech world, a video of such arrest MUST BE PRODUCED! from start to finish or until the suspect is in custody in HQ, this will legitimize the whole incident if firefight or suicide or rubouts did exist, all police participants in the arrest must be identified in the video, again NO VIDEO, NO ARREST!, the EJK will become a myth.

    we simply can not trust anymore the police investigating themselves! PMA graduates following traditions is the biggest source of police corruption,
    police internal affairs should be handled by foreign consultants, Australians, Americans or Scotland Yard, this will avoid ‘malfeasance’ on the part of investigating officer (remember Luneta hostage fiasco?, millionaire cops on minimum wage?), a special court should be established just for this and actioned at time minimum. Bato can not handle this alone, he must look outside the box and employ foreign ideas to cleanse the ranks once and for all.

    And pls. General Bato, my respect to you but pls. eliminate showbiz theatrics and live by your name, a stone faced warrior as tough as Chief Sitting Bull.

    • There is no way to stop this. Not even the Good Lord himself would be able to stop this mayhem. Here, with the PNP, all hope is lost.

  10. Nothing will come out of it. Kidnapping, Murder and Mayhem will continue and nothing and no one will stop the Police from committing all this crimes. This goes on for decades and will continue forever.

  11. Well, he did.
    “I am very sorry for that sordid incident. But I can assure you, I will see to it… Better if they escape from prison. I’ll send their heads to you. Police, you sons of bitches, I won’t let you get away with it. You will suffer,” the President said.

  12. mr duterte , we will be watching the result of this vicious crime committed by your favorite outfit and your blue eyed boy .
    Its funny you are not cursing and swearing this time.