Jeep swept away by river current, cop’s son missing in Zambo town


ZAMBOANGA CITY: A policeman’s son is missing after their jeep overturned while trying to cross a flooded spillway in the southern Philippine province of Zamboanga del Sur, officials said.

Officials said the policeman, PO1 Nemesio Batingal, and 12 other passengers, survived the accident which occurred in the village of San Jose in Mahayag town. The jeep was also loaded with bags of fertilizers when strong river current swept the vehicle.

The missing boy was identified as Cyrus Jade Batingal while those who survived were

Jerson Bacus, 19; Jervy Bacus, 18; Julito Paraiso, 52; Alberto Tejero, 38; Elizer Gaed, 31; Tarot Untag, 37; Roger Managing, 44; Alvin Parba; Derio Alvarico, 53;  Edward Marababon, 36; Roel Quizon, 25; and a still unidentified person.

Police said 10 of the passengers just hitched a ride so they can cross the river.

The swelling of the river was due mainly to the continuous rain brought about by the low pressure area over southern Philippines. At least 13 people had died in the region from flash floods and landslides. Al Jacinto


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