• Jeepney-inspired ‘Popemobile’ may go to Vatican


    Pope Francis so liked the jeepney-inspired “Popemobile” that he used in going to the Rizal Park (Luneta in Manila) on Sunday that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines may send it to Rome as a gift to the Holy Father, according to Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.

    The pontiff used an open white “Popemobile” during his historic Mass on Sunday at Luneta.

    “When he saw the ‘Popemobile,’ he said ‘Oh, a jeepney!’ I explained to him that in the Philippines, it is the most common way to commute and used by ordinary people. He said he liked it,” Tagle said on Monday.

    According to the cardinal, the CBCP may send the vehicle to the Vatican as a gift to the pontiff.

    Francis used three “Popemobiles” and a bullet-proof vehicle in his visit to Manila and Tacloban City (Leyte).

    Meanwhile, Vatican spokesperson Fr. Federico Lombardi also on Monday said the Pope was impressed by the millions of Filipinos who attended the Mass on Sunday, one of the highlights of his pastoral visit.

    “How many people were there? Authorities said there were six or seven million people. When we saw it, we believed it is possible, and if this is true, this is the largest event in the history of the popes,” Lombardi added.

    “It was really, really impressive,” he said.


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