• Jennylyn to bring home biological dad from Korea



    Come Holy Week, Jennylyn Mercado will fly to Korea not for a vacation but to pick up her biological father who works over there as a musician, and finally bring him home to the Philippines. The GMA Network actress has decided that it’s about time for her to live with her dad.

    “My communication with my Dad has always been open. He’s updated with what’s happening in my life. When Mommy Lydia died, he asked me if I was alright, and if I need his company. I told him I need him to be with me. Iba pa rin kasi pag may kasama kang kaanak. It’s been hard for me to manage my household since Mommy Lydia passed away. I now have to take care of everything. Dati yung mga bills, pamalengke and other needs, si Mommy ang nag-aayos. I really need someone who I can really trust and I believe that’s my Dad. I also want my son Jazz to grow up knowing him,” said Jen.

    Besides picking-up her dad, Jen is also planning to visit the set of My Love From The Star. “I really am looking forward to see the set. Sobrang interested ako kasi siyempre, I’m doing the Filipino version, so I really want to have a first-hand feel of the set,” she said, promising she will share her pictures with Showbuzz when she returns.

    The actress will only have a one-week break in Korea, with work waiting for her a soon as she gets back. She has to tape for her cooking show, and will also resume shooting a movie.

    “I’m so excited about this movie I’m doing. This is something different for me. People have been used to seeing me in romantic-comedy films and drama. This time, it will be a thriller that I will offer them. I like my character here because it’s something that I haven’t done.”

    Jennylyn Mercado

    Her upcoming series My Love From The Star is also on Jen’s priority list. She is happy to announce that they have finished taping almost half of the series, and they are so happy with the results.

    “Ginalingan talaga ni Direk Joyce [Bernal],” exclaimed Jen. “I am so proud of what we’ve done. I can’t wait for it to be aired. I’m sure, people will really enjoy it. Ang daming nakatutuwang eksena, yung mga nakakaaliw at nakakakilig. Cute nung love story ni Stephanie, the character that I play, at ni Mateo, the role of Gil [Cuerva, Jen’s leading man].”

    If there’s one thing that makes Jen happy on the set of My Love From The Star, it’s Gil’s quick adjustment to life as an actor. Jen swears the newcomer is doing so well on the set. Even Gil’s relationship with the people on the set has warmed up, according to Jen.

    Blessings indeed keep on coming to Jen. She has a movie, two TV shows and just last weekend, Showbuzz exclusively witnessed her contract signing with Seoul Skin, her newest endorsement. The company manufactures beauty products like lipstick and whitening soap.

    “When it was offered to me, I didn’t immediately said yes. I asked for the products and used them. Sa totoo lang, people are telling me na lalo akong pumuti after I used the soap. Tamang-tama nga because my peg now is the type of fair skin na parang Koreana because of My Love From The Star.”

    Jen is turning 30 in May and people are asking her if she has any plans to settle down. She knows she’s already of age but maintains she is not in a hurry. “The right time will come. As for now, gusto ko munang maayos ang condition ni Jazz. Pag OK na, saka ko iisipin yan,” Jen declared.

    * * *

    The hit afternoon prime series Ika-6 Na Utos is about to set a trend in the teleserye scene as it begins its Monday to Saturday airing, instead of the usual five-day weekday schedule. This is to give way to the clamor of viewers to see more of the characters of Emma, Rome and Georgia, portrayed respectively by Sunshine Dizon, Gabby Concepcion and Ryza Cenon.

    “GMA listened to the viewers and the decision was made that Ika-6 Na Utos will already be seen on Saturdays. That will mean another taping day for us and another day away from our family, though we’re not complaining. We are, in fact, very happy because it shows how successful our series,” Gabby averred.

    What’s good with Ika-6 Na Utos is that its plot is really intended to be a long series.Sunshine and Gabby even gave some hints on what will happen to the story in the coming days. “Abangan nila kung matutuloy bang magpakasal si Emma kay Angelo, kung ma-realize ni Emma na mahal pa rin niya si Rome,” said Sunshine.

    * * *

    Hollywood actor Willian Moseley is in the country. He attended the premiere night of his movie Carrie Pilby on Monday. He was so happy to see his Filipino fans waiting for him at the venue.

    William became popular when starred in the Chronicles Of Narnia where he played the role of Peter Pevenie. From that point on in his career, he continued to make movies, the latest of which is Carrie Pilby.

    “Carrie Pilby is the story of a young woman who’s struggling to understand her place in the world. She is very intelligent but she’s emotionally unstable. She meets a lot of different men who kind of break her heart in different ways. But she meets my character named Cy, and it turns out he might be the one for her,” William related to Showbuzz during a one-on-one interview.

    William considers himself very fortunate to pursue an acting career. “Without the Chronicles Of Narnia, I wouldn’t be here now. It opened every door for me. I didn’t come from a big city. I didn’t come from a rich family. I just came from a small town in a small place in the UK, and I got lucky that it kind of worked the way it did,” he continued.

    From the Philippines, William is scheduled to fly to Indonesia but decided to stay a little longer in these shores. By today, he must be in Oslob, Cebu to experience whale shark watching.

    * * *

    SHORTS … Imelda Papin’s ex-husband Bong Carreon also succumbed to lung cancer on March 26. He was 62 years old. Bong became part of showbiz not only because of Imelda, but as music producer of Emerald Records in the ‘80s with the late Julie Vega as one of his artists. Bong also recorded a duet with Imelda for an album. Condolences also go out to his family.


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