Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay hit it off in a rom-com

    Derek Ramsay and Jennylyn Mercado, the new ‘perfect match’ on the big screen

    Derek Ramsay and Jennylyn Mercado, the new ‘perfect match’ on the big screen

    One of the highly anticipated Metro Manila Film Festival entries this year is definitely Quantum Films’ English Only Please for it pairs dramatic—and uber sexy—actors Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay for the first time in a refreshing romantic comedy.

    An unexpected pairing and project for the lead stars, both the movie’s trailers and the team-up’s interviews show a palpable chemistry between the two. Proof of this inspired match up began even as initial teasers were released on the Internet, with the public’s interest reaching its peak when the official trailer racked up the hits.

    English Only Please has director Dan Villegas at its helm, the genius behind the much-acclaimed independent film Mayohan, which starred Lovi Poe in her first Best Actress award-winning role. As such, even in this light-hearted project, expectations are high that the young director brought out the best in Jennylyn and Derek’s surprising comedic side.

    In the film, Julian Parker (Derek) flies back to Manila from New York City to brush up on his Filipino. A fierce Filipino-English tutor for hire online helps him with the task of delivering his deep-seated anger for his ex-girlfriend (Isabel Oli) through the power of the written word.

    Julian hires Tere Madlansacay (Jennylyn) for the job, whose credentials include teaching Filipino to Americans, Filipino-Americans, and Koreans, supposedly including Sandara Park!

    A no-nonsense and hardworking girl, Tere’s life changes when she meets the dashing Julian and the student-teacher relationship takes a turn for friendship when he asks her to help him find his former flame. Of course, romance blooms in the course of their mission, in ways neither of them can put into words.

    Jennylyn and Derek said they both had a lot of fun working with each other in the movie and were surprised themselves they hit it off.

    “Akala ko kasi sobrang serious niya pero hindi naman pala,” Jennylyn opened up at a press conference this week. “Unang araw pa lang namin sa trabaho, naging-OK na kami.”

    “Nanibago ako sa love scene namin ni Jen,” confessed Derek for his part. “Hindi intense gaya sa past movies ko but it’s unforgettable—you’ll just feel it,” he meaningfully added.

    If indeed they are a “perfect match” as the majority of comments on social media say these days, there won’t be too long a wait to find out as English Only Please opens in cinemas on Christmas Day.


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