Jennylyn Mercado takes her “kilay game” seriously


From her teenage days as a Starstruck survivor to a celebrated Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress awardee, it seems like there is no stopping Jennylyn Mercado.

She has been around for over a decade in the industry, but is still highly admired and sought after. With recent back-to-back television appearances and magazine covers, topped with her latest movie that left us with so much feels, she’s definitely our #lifepeg!

Not only did she dream, she believed and is an ultimate survivor in life. She has also proven that being single is not equivalent to being sad. She is a single mother, but she is living the life! Being a single mom isn’t easy, but she surely makes it seem so with how fab she is now—definitely an inspiration to women.

Jen is also the perfect ‘fitspiration’. Despite her busy schedule, Jennylyn has no excuses when it comes to her workout—which she posts almost daily in her instagram account.

Aside from her body, Jennylyn also never forgets to take care of her looks. She takes the “kilay [eyebrow]game” so strong. On normal days, Jen goes for nice and neat pair of brows paired with bold lips to conquer the world. She once said that lipstick is the only thing this tomboy-ish girl adds on top of her already on-fleek eyebrows. She shared that having neat and perfectly shaped eyebrows makes anyone look polished instantly. It is one’s perfect weapon.

“When it comes to my eyebrows, I only trust the masters, I only trust Pretty Looks,” she shared.

“Sobrang may gap and kalat-kalat kilay ko before that’s why I decided to have it fixed in Pretty Looks.”

Now, being caught barefaced is not an issue for Jennylyn.


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