Jennylyn still grieving over adoptive mom’s death



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There are still mornings when Jennylyn Mercado wakes-up crying. She still cannot believe that her Mommy Lydia is gone. For Jen, no one can replace the most special woman in her heart, who succumbed to pneumonia and sepsis on Saturday, October 29, at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City.

Mommy Lydia was actually Jen’s adoptive mother. She started taking care of the actress when she was still a small child, showering her with the kind of love that a doting mother gives. She was the one present in all the important events in Jen’s life. She watched over her even during the time when the now famous celebrity started a career in singing.

When Jen joined and won Starstruck, Mommy Lydia was by her side. Baack then, the loving mother would leave her household chores just to accompany Jen to her showbiz commitments, but she was never a stage mother. She was always soft-spoken and never meddled how her daughter’s career was handled by her managers.

 Jennylyn Mercado

Jennylyn Mercado

Even during Jen’s biggest challenge in life—when she got pregnant—Mommy Lydia never abandoned her. She was with Jen all the way until her daughter hurdled the uncertainty of being a single mother and what a pregnancy would do to her career.

Thankfully after giving birth, Jen was able to reinvent herself. She began to be known as a top-caliber actress, winning significant awards along the way. She became a bankable box-office star, and her success made Mommy Lydia proudest and happiest for Jen.

With the kind of love that Mommy Lydia showered the star, it’s but natural for Jen to be in so much pain over the former’s passing. Jen requested for privacy as she grieved during the long weekend—no interviews, no coverage. She just wanted to focus her attention on saying goodbye to the woman who gave her all the love and care she could ask for from a mother.

A necrological service was held on the last day of the wake, just before Mommy Lydia’s remains were cremated. Jen was supposed to speak at the service but she begged off as she could not stop the tears.

Showbuzz had the chance to have a very short conversation with Jen while she and some friends and relative waited for Mommy Lydia’s ashes. Pain and grief were written all over her face, and again, she said she was still not ready to talk about her loss.

All through Jen’s grieving, though, there was one person who never left her side—her rumored boyfriend Dennis Trillo who became her strength and shoulder to cry on.

Following the cremation, Mommy Lydia’s ashes were taken to St. Peter columbarium where it was laid to rest beside her husband, Roger Mercado.

Teen star Jazz Ocampo is getting all the good breaks. After she finished taping for Sinungaling Mong Puso, an offer came for her to star in the lead role of a horror movie. And mind you, the producer is an Indonesian outfit, the cast, all Indonesian, and the director, a known and respected filmmaker in the Asian country.

Dennis Trillo

Dennis Trillo

With shooting scheduled on November 7, Showbuzz learned as of press time that Jazz was scheduled to leave the Philippines for Indonesia on Thursday. She will be there until December 7 when the production is expected to finish the movie’s principal photography.

The teen actress should thank her last outing for GMA Network, Sinungaling Mong Puso where the Indonesian producer spotted her talent. Showbuzz heard that they were very impressed with her performance, which they thought is perfect for their film.

“When I was told that an Indonesian producer was interested in getting me for a project, I just thought of the idea of having such an offer really cool. I didn’t want to expect anything. Mahirap umasa tapos hindi naman matutuloy. It was on November 1—yes on All Saint’s Day—while my family and I were vacationing in Batangas that I got a call from my manager that I already had to leave Indonesia the following day for the shoot. I really panicked, but I was also very happy and excited. I asked my manager to request for a later flight for me because I was still out of town. After a few more calls, my flight was moved to November 3.”

There’s no room for jealousy in Carla Abellana’s heart with regards to her boyfriend Tom Rodriguez’s intimate scenes with leading lady Lovi Poe in the GMA primetime soap Someone to Watch Over Me.

In the earlier episodes of the series, people were saying that Carla will surely feel that way what with all the passionate kissing scenes and caressing between Lovi and Tom.

But Carla is so secure with her relationship with Mr. Mott (Tom’s real family name). Instead of getting jealous, the actress even promoted Someone to Watch Over Me on her Instagram account, with photos of Tom and Lovi.

In this case, to be both actors has worked for Carla and Tom as they are both understanding of one another’s situation. Carla knows the demands of the kind of story that Someone To Watch Over Me has on its actors. Add to that Tom is very open with Carla, and they apparently even discuss the scenes he has to do with Lovi.

On the set, Tom and Lovi play husband and wife TJ and Joanna Chavez. Neither have any qualms about their intimate scenes, because right after a long workday, Tom goes back to Carla, and Lovi to being single with a very ardent suitor.

Tom and Carla told Showbuzz they are already planning how to celebrate Christmas this year, and have agreed to go together to Arizona, USA to visit Tom’s Dad who is recuperating from his bout with lung cancer.

SHORTS… It’s a happier set for Encantadia these days. The series has been very consistent in beating the competition at the ratings game. There was a time when they would win once or twice a week, and would already be on cloud nine, but the past several days have been different. They always emerge as victorious in the battle for ratings…

GUESS WHO? Who is this young actor who tried to seduce a fellow actor? They were out of town for a show and ended up as roommates. After the show, before going to bed, Actor A invited Actor B to join him in the bathtub, and while having a bubble bath, Actor A’s hand started moving toward Actor B’s private parts! Shocked, Actor B stood cursing Actor A and fled. What’s interesting is these two remain friends until now, with Actor A at least aware that Actor B doesn’t go for that kind of thing.


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