• Jilted Mar Roxas is cheating already


    Mar Roxas has not formally declared his decision to run for president in next year’s national elections. He has neither won Noynoy Aquino’s endorsement as the administration standard-bearer.

    Beset by a talent crisis in his own Liberal Party, Noynoy’s predicament is exacerbated by Sen. Grace Poe’s hesitation to play mascot as Mar’s running-mate.

    But Roxas is cheating already, taking undue advantage of his position as secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, using the agency’s full resources in his campaigning for improved ratings.

    He is not likely to resign his DILG post despite his clear intention to run next year as he desperately tries to catch up with Vice President Jojo Binay, Senator Grace Poe, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Manila Mayor Erap Estrada.

    Mar does not subscribe to the saying, “Kung di ukol, hindi bubukol.”

    That is also why Mar is tapping the lump sum funds surreptitiously inserted in this year’s DILG budget for its “housing and health care” programs.

    Housing and health programs are not among the DILG’s primary concerns. Obviously, Mar has embarked on an epal program to improve his mass appeal.

    This is also clearly a form of cheating, as well as a form of “campaign overspending.”

    While this administration’s selective justice picks on political opposition for overspending in their previous campaigning, Noynoy’s cronies like Mar get to use LP’s massive pork barrel in premature campaigning for 2016.

    “I suppose this was done because the elections are coming, so that Sec. Mar can operate well,” said Sen. Bongbong Marcos, chairman of the committee on local government.

    “During the budget hearings in October and November, we were wondering why there was budget for the DILG for projects that are not in their function. The DILG’s function is to monitor and assist local government units,” Marcos added.

    Niluluto ang mga Pilipino sa sariling mantika!

    On Monday, former senator and rehabilitation secretary Panfilo “Ping” Lacson uncovered at least P424 billion lump sum appropriations in 11 agencies in the 2015 national budget.

    Sen. Chiz Escudero, chairperson of the Senate finance committee chairman, admitted the existence of such pork barrel in this year’s national budget.

    Now, whatever happened to the “anti-pork barrel” initiative movement?
    Cops must emulate Gen. Leonardo Espina

    We salute Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina for his outstanding service in the Philippine National Police.

    Espina will step down on July 19 when he reaches the retirement age 56.

    “I now stand before you proudly declaring that I have lived the most fulfilling life in service – serving God, the country and the people,” Espina said at the testimonial parade and review ceremony last Saturday at his alma mater, the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City.

    Espina has served as officer-in-charge after former PNP chief Alan Purisima was suspended in connection with a graft case in December last year.

    General Espina voiced out the sentiment of our nation’s policemen in the wake of the horrifying Mamasapano Massacre in January in which 44 Special Action Force commandos were killed.

    He is an officer and a gentleman that the 150,000 PNP members must emulate for the dedication, integrity and leadership qualities he showed though PNP’s darkest days.

    Conversely, we welcome newly-appointed PNP chief Police Director Ricardo Marquez with a challenge to seek justice for the fallen SAF44.



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    1. Arthur Hernal on

      Many of the comments against Mar Roxas in here smacks of ignorance and go far beyond the TRUTH….they’re just anti-Roxas simply put it..

    2. As for my feelings about Secretary Mar Roxas as a leader, he’s not my first, or probably even second choice. Officials are supposed to promote public respect by avoiding even the appearance of impropriety.

      • Mar Roxas is a incompetent boob, took him 5 days to even set up a food and water station for the people after Typhoon Yolanda.

        The only reason he got it set up that fast was the foreign television journalists reporting on the lack of response from Aquino’s government.

        The Aquino Government response to that was they expected the local government that was wiped out by the typhoon to be the first responders.

        If it wasn’t for the foreign journalists the death count would of been much higher.

    3. Aquino wants Grace Poe to carry his lapdog Mar Roxas to victory.

      Grace Poe is not qualified to sit in the senate much less run for president or vice president due to not being a natural born Filipino is all part of the plan.

      If after the election Poe and Roxas find themselves elected then Grace is then disqualified by the supreme court and Aquino’s lapdog Roxas becomes President.

      Roxas will pardon Aquino and all the corrupt Liberal Party thieves in exchange for their support and most importantly their lump sum unallocated budgets to spend on his election campaign.

      • I agree absolutely with your forecast and analysis. And if what you foresee will be correct, VP BINAY and his family will be in jail by the time all these events will happen.

    4. Allen Llamar on

      Mr., Enigma I don`t think Mr. Tulfo is making up some what you called character assassination against Roxas. Your benefactor Roxas is an ‘epal, corrupt, and thick skin.

      • Mr. Roxas seems to have better education, qualifications and experience amongst the candidates for President, why don’t we try him. After all we have a very good system in government for accountability. I am an OFW who have been away from our country for the past 30 years. I can see the progress of the current administration and I have seen big fishes in the government convicted of corruption than any past administrations in the past combined. Commentators are paid and they’ll do anything to write something bad or good. But for sure they’ll blow smoke in your ass if you’re not careful.

      • Response to JT.
        You really have been away for 30 years. Catch up dude, where have you been? Roxas a good candidate? Education does not make a man! Look at Aquino, look at the older marcos, look at the past history of our country. Mar has no intensity of character, can say a different thing now, and tomorrow he changes his mind. His mentality is passé for a person that young, maybe because he was nurtured with that kind of slow progression. He and his wife deserves each other, really, mababaw na character. It is not how many ph d’s you have it is in guts, good character, and the intense ambition to make a change. with mar, ho hummmmmmm, it will be a duller life with all the corruption all over again!

    5. Curbside Prophet on

      What has Mar got to lose anyway, like it or not he’s also on his way out. It’s the now-or-never mindset, but sad to say a lot are predicting never. So going back to square 1, what has he got to lose anyway since he’s not going to make it? Kung hindi ukol, hindi rin naman bubukol.

    6. P.Akialamiro on

      Mar Roxas is in a sorry state. How could he win when he didn’t even make it the first time he was pitted against Binay? But, this time, Binay will be pulled down by the accusations that he is ‘corrupt’. He has a lot to explain as there are truths to all the accusations against him.This time, Roxas has more ‘baggage’ to carry. Anyone annointed by BS Aquino is very much “iffy” because of the “below par” performance of the annointer. The writings are all over!

    7. Johnny Ramos on

      Mar Roxas is really a bad political product and won’t really sell to the masses. Even in the DILG alone he does not blend well to the employees. The worst part of his political career is that Pnoy also did not perform well in his 5 years in office. Because both houses are controlled by the LP it were used to demolished the oppositions but when the administration corruptions are on the line of fire it were used for cover up. Just look at the so called Grace Poe’s Mamasapano report that did not reached the Senate plenary and yet her drumbeaters played it up that she was the best senator we ever had. Don’t expect for Grace Poe report to be finalized because she is being groomed up to be Mar Roxas tandem. If Grace Poe decided to run as President or VP the issue of nationalism or love of country will be her biggest hurdle which could force her to withdraw during the campaign. I hope Jim Paredes should stop his crusade against VP Binay simply because he can not even muster a crowd of 1,000 people. Jim is like Leah Navarro a faded singer.

    8. Klarong klaro na maka Binay itong si tulfo. Anyway Grace Poe is the best solution to continue the anti corruption stand and to put in jail all corrupt officials and all corupt minded Filipino.

      • Ano kamo hijo, “best solution”? Baka maniwala na talaga ako nyan. Ni hindi nga nya indict si simyon sa kanyang report, ano pa asahan mo dyan? Di ba ang tawag dyan ay intellectual dishonesty? Ano sabi ng nag adopt sa kanya – kapatid ng magnanakaw ang sinunghaling?

        Sana naman hijo, medyo mag isip isip ka rin ng kaunti. Alam mo naman na hindi sya Pilipino ay pinagtutulakan mo pa rin. Pati nga bilang senador ay hindi sya dapat naka luklok. Dinaya na nya ang sarili nya eh di lalo nya kayang kaya dayain ang masang Pilipino. Isip isip lang, sir.

    9. I know Gen Espina personally when we were together assigned as the team leaders during the construction at the LRT 2 Katipunan station. Major Espina at that time was the team leader of the Police units assigned during the demolition of the front gates and concrete fence of PSBA while I was the Engineer in charge of the Katipunan Station construction. I happened to chat and talked to Major Espina at that time and I found him very straight forward, serious in his work and most of all very humble. I was saddened that Mr President did not appreciate the good qualities of an officer and a gentleman like Gen Espina.

      • He didn’t serve as security during Cory Aquino like Purisima. And triggerman in hacienda Luisita.

    10. You’re right Mr. Erwin Tulfo. Epal yan si Mar Roxas. Bakit niya pinagpipilit ang sarili na maging presidente eh ayaw naman ng maraming tao. No, for Mar Roxas and mayabang Chiz. Yes, for Grace for President and Trillanes for Vice President. Thank you.

      • laguatanlawzen.com on

        No for President – mayabang & corrupt Chiz Escudero, Oto-Oto Mar Roxas, sinungaling Grace Poe tungkol sa citizenship niya, mayabang Trillanes for VP, but YES, YES for Mayor Rody Duterte for President.

    11. For all this years you have been bombarding Mar Roxas all kinds of character assassination just to pop up your losing financial benefactor VP Binay. Your favorite VP his days are numbered, as soon as he Supreme Court release its decision on the TRO issued by the CA your man is going to get roasted.

      • Mr.Enigma sir,,,Abnoy was born with empty space between his ears and your Mar Roxas with a silver foot in his mouth,,,,whiners cannot be a leader

      • Enough of these “very promising” politicians, we need a Duterte-Lacson team to stop abuses of criminals!