Jim Paredes gives Mocha a rest



PLUS: Susan Roces refuses to see sister Rosemarie
For a fleeting moment over the week, showbiz’s focus was deflected from MTRCB board member Mocha Uson and toward Apo Hiking Society member Jim Paredes.

The viral video showing Paredes’ near-hysterics as he angrily—if not in all blatant cockiness—turned to a group of seven barong Tagalog-clad young males who had gone to the 31st Edsa People Power celebration in Quezon City to support President Duterte must be a sigh of relief for Mocha.

Why? Because firstly, she was spared the flak as a hot topic in showbiz from weeks before; and secondly, she found a multitude of pro-Duterte allies in Paredes’ bashers, in and outside the celluloid world.

Having repeatedly seen the video ourselves, we couldn’t help but squawk in disgust over Paredes’ unspeakable lack of respect for one’s political stand in a manner too unbecoming of a respected, reputably schooled artist. [To begin with, didn’t the pro-Duterte rallyists realize beforehand the imminent peril once they dared set foot on a "foreign territory?”].

Says a celebrity-turned-Duterte appointee, “Just who does Mr. Paredes think he is? For his information, not because he took part in the peaceful revolt in Edsa 31 years ago means he owns the national highway. Edsa belongs to the Filipino people, and not to Jim Paredes alone!”

Loud and clear.

* * *

COULD IT be true that Susan Roces – through a go-between – had refused to meet up with her sister, former actress Rosemarie Sonora who was said to have arrived from the US recently?

Ever-gracious and cautious with her words, the veteran actress politely told the “mercenary” it would be best for her younger sister not to see her instead.

At the risk of being presumptuous, Vignettes could only surmise Ms. Roces’ [v[valid]ason for her refusal.

(From left) Susan Roces and Rosemarie Sonora

First of all, how many times has Ms. Sonora reportedly been in town but never to spend a single day to visit her elder sister, or at the very least give the latter a phone call?

Wasn’t there also a flurry of headlines at the height of 2016’s national campaign period when Ms. Sonora took an emergency Manila-bound flight, supposedly planning to hold a press con to prove she’s not the mother of then-presidential candidate Grace Poe, whose biological roots became one of the issues raised against her?

Moreover, where was Ms. Sonora when her elder sister needed her around so badly? Did Ms. Sonora ever lift a finger to “silence” her daughter Sheryl Cruz who openly questioned Sen. Grace’s qualifications to become the next president?

All these could well be running in Ms. Roces’ mind. As such, Vignettes could cannot heap the blame on Ms. Roces as it was her younger sister who defied the famous truism that blood is thicker than water.

* * *

GUESS WHO? We couldn’t blame this showbiz mom (SM) who, in a fit of anger, mouthed cuss words against her jobless actor-son (JAS).

By standards, the JAS is not a big star, hence his appearances on TV are not as frequent. Vignettes, however, caught a glimpse of him in a TV series last year as a semi-regular. No assignment followed again.

This is what upsets his mom who’s forced to do “side lines” for her family to survive and yes, to continue living in the style they’ve been used to.

When the SM finally got fed up with her JAS [a[and his seeming disinterest to work]she was heard to have furiously blurted out, “’Yang palamunin na ‘yan, hindi pa @#$%&*!”

Of course, the SM didn’t mean what she said. After all, isn’t she a devotee of a “diminutive” patron saint?


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