• Jim Parsons shines as ‘The Almighty’ in Broadway’s ‘An Act of God’

    Karen Kunawicz

    Karen Kunawicz

    Eight times a week (at least from May 28 to August 2), for 90 minutes, Jim Parsons a.k.a. Sheldon Cooper from the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory holds an audience of 1,000 in the palm of his hands as he becomes the mouthpiece of Our Lord.

    Why has God chosen actor, comedian and multi-Emmy winner Parsons as the vessel by which He will address His people? He speaks thusly: “Lo, I have endowed him with a winning, likable personality; and know of a certainty that your apprehension of My depthless profundities will be aided by his offbeat charm.” And “the irony of him starring in a show called The Big Bang Theory—I just couldn’t resist.”

    The Broadway play, An Act of God is based on David Javerbaum’s The Last Testament: A Memoir by God, which was in turn inspired by the author’s twitter account @TheTweetofGod. And why choose Broadway? For one, it was because God wants to speak directly to the Jewish people.

    Here, God unveils a new set of commandments—He keeps the first one of the original 10 but adds nine new others including, “Thou shalt not tell others whom to fornicate.” The first occupants of The Garden of Eden were actually not Adam and Eve but a couple named Adam and Steve who were supposed to be happy and blissfully do lots of gardening.

    (Oddly enough, two days after the performance I caught, news about that landmark US Supreme Court decision making same-sex marriage legal. Perhaps He, through this twitter account and through Jim Parsons did move in mysterious ways?)

    Other interesting commandments include:
    Commandment 3: “Thou shalt not kill in My name.” He adds, “I don’t need your help, I can kill all by myself.”

    Commandment 4: “Thou shalt separate me and the state.” (Attention: Philippines)

    Commandment 7: “Thou shalt not tell Me what to do,” as in “Thou shalt not tell Me what to bless, damn, forbid, forsake, or speed, or whose queen to save.”

    God/Parsons addresses his audience sitting on a simple white couch, wearing an elegant white robe with some gold trim (under which you can see the cuffs of a clean pair of jeans, trainers and a bit of the collar of his buttoned up plaid shirt). Behind the couch, rises a simple white stairway to a circular digital display of “heaven.”

    On his right and left, his arch-angels Gabriel (80’s SNL’s Tim Kazurinsky) and Michael (Chris-topher Fitzgerald).

    An Act of God is a testament to Parson’s abilities as a comedian and performer. I am curious as to what the reactions would be if this play would be staged in Manila over a couple of weekends. I wish someone would attempt it.


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