Jimuel Pacquiao gets his first endorsement

Jimuel Pacquiao

Jimuel Pacquiao

The Pacman and Jinky’s eldest son is new face of BlueWater Day Spa
Jimuel Pacquiao, the eldest son of boxing legend Senator Manny Pacquiao and former Sarangani Vice Governor Jinkee Pacquiao, steps out from the shadows of his celebrity parents with his very first endorsement.

Late last week, Jimuel was launched as the newest celebrity ambassador of BlueWater Day Spa.

“We realized that since we have clients whose teenage sons and daughters also come to the spa, this age range also wants to look good and feel good,” the company’s operations manager Nancy Go began as she prepared to introduce the Pacquiaos’ firstborn to her curious audience. “Of course, ang teenagers ngayon they have stress sa school, sa mga peers, so we have treatments that cater to their needs,” she continued.

“That’s why we decided to get someone who can represent our brand na teenager din, and tamang-tama, Jimuel Pacquiao was ready to do some modeling.”

As the new ambassador of BlueWater Day Spa, described as “the premiere lifestyle center for beauty and wellness,” Jimuel, according to Go, will become “the face and of the unrepresented youth.”

“As a myself, I understand the needs of those my age. Like our parents, we need to de-stress and recharge, but most especially we need treatments that can help us in managing our skin problems,” the Pacman’s good looking son took the spotlight.

Even as a very privileged child to a world famous father, Jimuel is a typical teen, who is not spared from breakouts and skin problems that come with growing up. Especially so since this 15-year-old juggles an intense academic life as a Grade 10 student and varsity basketball team player.

As Go pointed out, the responsibility of balancing school, sports, extra-curricular activities and family can be stressful for teens, which add to the havoc their hormones unleash in this part of their physical development. Stress, in other words, aggravates puberty’s undesirable byproducts.

The Pacquiaos: (from left) dad Senator Manny, mom Jinkee and younger brother Michael (extreme right) show their full support for Jimuel PHOTO BY LANZ MENDOZA

The Pacquiaos: (from left) dad Senator Manny, mom Jinkee and younger brother Michael (extreme right) show their full support for Jimuel PHOTO BY LANZ MENDOZA

According to Jimuel, he has found a “trusted partner” BlueWater Day Spa, whose anti-acne facial and skin treatments have helped him keep breakouts under control, and, as everyone saw at the launch, reward him with clear skin.

Of course, he also treads to BlueWater Day Spa for its relaxing range of body treatments, especially the Athlete’s Massage, which helps to ease his tired muscles from workout and basketball. He said he has since enjoyed improved performance on the court thanks to this tension-relieving spa treatment.

“I highly recommend the T-zone facial and Acne Clearance, which is really good for teenagers like me. And also since I’m an athlete who plays basketball for our school team, the Athlete’s Massage takes out all the stress and pain from practices and stuff,” Jimuel enumerated smoothly as if he had been doing endorsements for a long time.

Grateful as he is, however, for the opportunity, Jimuel clarified that he has no plans of going into showbiz.

“It feels strange since it is my first time [to do something on my own like this],” the well rounded young man laughed. “It was always my dad, my mom, and even my lola [in the public eye]. Honestly I just enjoy being a regular teenager, studying, playing, having crushes. But my parents told me to try new things so I’m thankful to Blue Water Day Spa. They chose me even though there are so many other famous teens out there, but I think I represent the younger generation today. We should always have a healthy lifestyle,” he explained.

Proud parents
All present to witness Jimuel’s big day were his proud parents together with his younger brother Michael. The family expressed their full support for his endeavor, with the power Pacquiao couple sharing how their son can be very good example for the young generation.

“I can’t believe na 15 years old na si Jimuel and medyo mahiyain siya ng konti kasi syempre first time niya. Ang masasabi ko ay isa siyang masunuring bata, kung ano yung sasabihin namin sa kanya ni Manny nag o-obey siya. Minsan sinasabi na niya yung mga crushes niya pero OK, lang yun, ganun talaga,” mom Jinkee related.

“Sa amin kasi sa pamilya before you go to bed kailangan mag-basa ng Bible kasi yun ang pinaka-foundation na ibinibigay namin sa kanila—to do what is right and walk humbly with God,” she added.

“Masaya ako at proud sa anak ko kasi parang kailan lang batang-bata pa siya. Ngayon teenager na at matatalino at may takot sa Panginoon. I always encourage them to love others and we teach them kung paano mamuhay ng may takot sa Panginoon. Pinapaalam naman nila sa amin kung may crush sila, bata pa naman. Pero mag-focus muna sila sa pag-aaral nila at tungkulin bilang tao,” his newly elected senator-father said.

For more information, log on to BlueWater Day Spa’s website at www.bluewaterdayspa.ph.


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