• Jinggoy displays his well-ingrained victim mentality


    With the Netizens, things are very different these days. Truly, may God bless the Philippines and the Filipinos.
    P. Lorenzo, pres.lawyer@yahoo.com

    “I’ll take you all DOWN with me” That’s Jinggoy, the thickest face, most arrogant political thief in the world.He did not even demonize Janet Napoles. They are surely part of the Pork Barrel syndicate.
    R. Tan, ratbutan@hotmail.com

    You call this bum a senator of the republic, give me a break. It is beyond the stretch of my imagination how this bum got elected in the first place. Do Filipino voters been this bad in electing future leaders of the republic? Estrada, Revilla, Sotto, Binay, Lapid , etc.
    Victor Espiritu, Vicespir29@msn.com


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    1. This is certainly a proof that lots of Pinoy voters do NOT care either for their own welfare. Lot of them voted for this bum, whom they knew won’t do any good!