• Jinggoy displays his well-ingrained victim mentality



    Jinggoy Estrada is truly clueless a basket case. When you deliver a very public speech lambasting the members of the organization you belong, the honorable thing to do to end your speech is to resign!

    How could you stomach sitting there in the Senate with fellow senators whose integrity you question? How could you stay in an organization seemingly populated by people you don’t trust?

    Our “honorable” public leaders have ceased to inspire Filipinos all over the world. My dear friend Ricky Bella says it succinctly, a privilege speech of 20 pages. Summary: Hindi ko dini-deny ang mga akusasyon laban sa akin. Pero magdadamay ako! [I am not denying the accusations hurled against me. But I will drag down other people]. *yawn*

    Jinggoy, sorry I couldn’t now call him “senator,” is obviously exploiting his being a victim to the hilt. Where is he coming from?

    According to http://www.become

    selfaware.com: A victim is someone who feels powerless, and is therefore unable to take appropriate action to resolve situations adversely affecting his well-being. Being powerless is learned behavior originating from repeated childhood experiences where core needs were not met adequately. From birth and through early childhood, children are unable to provide for themselves basic physiological needs, safety needs, the social needs of belonging, love and affection, and the self-esteem needs of personal worth, social recognition and having a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

    The victim mentality can be understood as a repetitive way of negative thinking where the victim has come to believe that others, not them, are responsible for their experiences and fulfilling their needs. This can be taken further to mean that the victim mentality comes from a person getting stuck in a stage of development where they feel helpless, lacking access to inner resources to take care of themselves. The victim mentality produces adults that feel entitled and demand being taken care off.

    The victim mentality is characterized by an attitude of blaming and complaining. The secret agenda of blaming and complaining is to manipulate and control others to be responsible for you, by rationalizations and excuses.

    The victim mentality is maintained by unconscious negative self-images, which are the building blocks of your personality. Everyone constructs a personality that serves the function of an identity. Self-images are put together by the mind as memories of repeated interactions with authority figures: parents, older siblings, grandparents, teachers, religion, etc. A self-image always represents an interaction with authority.

    People identified with the victim mentality are unable to fulfill their core survival needs on their own. This precarious situation makes them dependent on others to feel safe, feel good, and experience belonging and love. Like children, victims get very clever at manipulating others for their own gains. This way of being maintains low self-esteem due to the constant fears that the ones they depend on might reject them or abandon them.

    When our leaders don’t respect each other, they send a very strong message of distrust. It is very apparent that everybody I talked with, in person and in Facebook, have a very high sense of mistrust and distrust that our legislators and ordinary individuals could do such high crime against a nation.

    There is now a serious sense of anxious anticipation of impending change. But most of our countrymen are avid followers of telenovelas and, I suspect, is deriving some pleasure from the unfolding twist and turns in the Priority Development Assistance Fund scam that we become glued to our seats in front of the television set or radio. And, just like watching or listening to these telenovelas, we derive pleasure talking about what we saw and heard. We watch and listen to what the whistleblowers have to say. We anticipate what the involved senators have to say. Our country is now so consumed with cynical and secular mindset, and an overdose of gargantuan corruption in all levels of our government. Right now, we are in a hiatus, stunned by the enormity and insatiable greed of people involved, like a kettle of water simmering. One time or another, the water will come to a rolling boil and watch out for what might happen next. The resulting flow of toxic energy alienates the Filipinos even more from our government—who can we trust in government right now?

    God bless the Philippines and Filipinos. Let us keep faith.


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    1. I don’t disagree or agree with you. We Filipinos have the capacity to lynch a person especially if that individual is the subject of public ridicule. Political figures fight each other for their own survival; not for the public interest. What I mean is that: a person’s word is against another’s word and we the public should not be quick in judging others. It is for the Filipino people’s interest if the politicians themselves turn against each other thereby exposing their own evils. We should not chastise anyone under public scrutiny and media trial for exposing what their colleagues do. It is for the public’s benefit. For me, I will encourage every “player” to talk freely since this will unlock all the ills engulfing our social, political and moral fiber as a nation. We must bear in mind that only a perpetrator can shed the true light on the PDAF, Malampaya and other funds plight. I am referring to all politicians who are engaged in plundering our wealth as well as those so-called “whistleblowers” who wantonly forged the signatures of the politicians and government servants. Together, we need their stories so we can unlock, pin and punish the culprits. From there, we should not only blame the politicians, we should also look at ourselves because the politicians and government servants could not perpetuate their evil deeds without the people’s participation.

    2. With the Netizens, things are very different these days. Truly, may God bless the Philippines and the Filipinos.

    3. ” I’ll take you all DOWN with me” That’s Jinggoy, the thickest face, most arrogant political thief in the world.He did not even demonize Janet Napoles. They are surely part of the Pork Barrel syndicate.

    4. Victor Espiritu on

      You call this bum a senator of the republic, give me a break. It is beyond the stretch of my imagination how this bum got elected in the first place. Do Filipino voters been this bad in electing future leaders of the republic? Estrada, Revilla, Sotto, Binay, Lapid , etc.

    5. Well siad, Ms Moje. The deflection of blame amongst the legislators, pointing fingers to their own Chief of Staff, and vice versa is expected. The Ombudsman and DOJ should indict these thugs NOW, before they get successful in eliminating Napoles and the whistle blowers. Enough of the Blue Ribbon crap, and bring this case to the fore. “Sexy,” “Tanda,” and “Pogi,” in their sick mind had hurled balmed to everybody else for the last month whne this revelation came about. They genuinely believe they will live for another election where they’ll vie for President and VP, especially Revilla and Jinggoy!