Jinggoy prefers house arrest


SENATORS Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr. believe that the Sandiganbayan will soon order their arrest since the anti-graft court had issued hold departure orders barring them from leaving the country.

Although both senators expressed readiness to be detained, Estrada on Tuesday noted that he would prefer to be placed under house arrest.

But he said it will be the Sandiganbayan that will decide where he and his co-accused will be detained.

“Kung doon kami ilalagay sa Camp Crame, walang problema. Kung sasabihin ng Sandiganbayan na sa regular jail kami kasama ng mga ordinaryong kriminal o nagkasala, wala tayong magagawa [If we are brought to Camp Crame, no problem.

If the Sandiganbayan puts us in a regular jail along with ordinary criminals, we cannot do anything about it],” Estrada told GMA News.

Camp Crame is the headquarters of the Philippine National Police.

“Kahit saan, wala naman tayong karapatan na magdikta kung saan ko gustong makulong. Eh siyempre kung ako masusunod, dito na lang sa bahay, house arrest.

Pero imposible yatang mangyari iyon [We can’t dictate on the court on where we should be detained. But if I had my way, I would prefer house arrest]” Estrada said.he has not intention to ask for a hospital arrest.

Revilla, on the other hand, said the court can detain him in any facility.

He added that he is ready to be arrested and, like Enrile, has packed a bag that he will bring with him once the court issues a warrant for his arrest.

“I already packed my things and I always carry [them]wherever I go, so that when the court issued the warrant of arrest, I can proceed immediately to my assigned facility,” Revilla told reporters.

He expressed strong belief that the Sandiganbayan will be fair in handling their case.


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  1. You said you prefer house arrest. We say our preference is Muntinlupa Penitentiary for you, Jinggoy!

  2. joebert banderas on

    Kapag yung nagnakaw ng milyon2x sa kaban ng bayan ang parusa ay house arrest ,hospital arrest hindi na matuldukan ang corruption sa bansa hindi matatakot ang lahat ng mga tao na ma tungkulin sa pamahalaan na magnakaw ng milyon , billion
    ay naku gumising na kayo dapat panahon na na parusahan ang mga corrupt dumadami corrupt dahil walang parusa sa kanila.

  3. Aba, mapili ka pa ha! Eh yung simple mandurukot sa lilimang daang piso nagdudusa sa mainit at mabahong kulungan. Ikaw pang acusado sa million milliong piso? At gagamitin mo pa ang pera nang taong bayan para sa kasarapan mo? Baka galing din sa pera namin yang bahay mo eh!

  4. Herc G Enriquez on

    If these 3 scumbags have arrogated that they won’t care where the court wants to incarcerate them, then give them the real cell for criminals who committed felonious crime against the state. They are criminals anyway, so why would the government spend extra money for a special jail for these roaches? I hope the SandiganBayan will issue the warrant of arrest soonest for these 3 because it would be a victorious act for the Filipino nation, who has been treaded, disrespected and betrayed by these 3 shameless public servants. The people will not accept anything less than true incarceration in a prison facility. No house arrest, please!
    orlando fl

  5. No, Jinggoy and the rest of the Senathieves must be incarcerated inside regular jails. Only Tanda thief Johnny can be considered for a house arrest. Unless Jinggoy, Revilla and the rest of them are as old and frail as Enrile, a house arrest is not acceptable to the public. BUT WAIT, WHERE ARE THE NAMES OF THE ALLIES-THIEVES?