Jinggoy seeks abolition of DOTC


SEN. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada pushed for the abolition of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) saying it should be replaced with two departments to better serve the transportation and communication sectors.

Estrada filed Senate Bill 2039 that seeks to split the DOTC into two departments—the Department of Transportation (DT) and the Department of Communications (DOC).

Estrada noted the growing demand for better transportation and communication services. He said that because of the technology changes, the DOTC is hard put to address the concerns of two different but equally important sectors.

In his bill, Estrada sought the establishment of a Department of Transportation, which shall be behind the planning, programming, coordinating, implementing, regulating the development and promotion of a dependable network of transport systems. The new department will also be in charge of formulating, enforcing and strengthening quality standards for air, land and sea vehicles to ensure the best quality of service to the riding public.

The department will have the Air Transportation Office, Civil Aeronautics Board, EDSA MRT 3, Maritime Industry Authority, METRO Inc., Office of Transportation and Cooperatives, Land Transportation Office, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and PMO Fishing Ports under it.

Meanwhile, the DOC chief will have the same mandate as the DT Secretary, but it will apply to the communication industry. The agency will have the Municipal Telephone Project Office, National Telecommunications Commission and Telecommunications Office under it.

Estrada believes that the abolition of the DOTC and the creation of two dedicated departments will address the issues hounding the communication and transportation sectors effectively.


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