Jinggoy seeks medical examination


Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada is asking the Sandiganbayan permit him to undergo medical examination at Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City (Metro Manila) this week as he complained that the pain in his left shoulder has become unbearable. Estrada, who is detained at the Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Center in Camp Crame in connection with a P183-million plunder charge, asked the anti-graft court to allow him to be taken the hospital with the usual custodial security measures charged to his expense. The Sandiganbayan had allowed him to undergo four therapy sessions last year because of the same medical condition concerning his left shoulder. But prosecutors doubted his ailment. In a four-page opposition filed on Tuesday, prosecutors asked the court to deny Estrada’s request for lack of merit. “With due respect, to the mind of the prosecution, if accused Estrada is really suffering from an unbearable pain on his left shoulder, he should have requested that he be brought to the PNP General Hospital,” they said.


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  1. Fergus Ducharme on

    What’s next? This is only one of a series of medical checks having been requested. Is the man a hypochondriac? Better he should be checked for a serious and severe mental disorder – and that is likely what is his problem since he is in supreme denial of his past…sticky fingers and all!

  2. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    And how about the thousands of prisoners who are really sick. They don’t even complain about their status. This Jungoy Estrada has the guts to fake his sickness just to get out of his real home (jail). It is unfair for the other thousands of (real sick)prisoners who cannot even ask for permission to attain medical attention. Only in the Philippines you find corrupt officials get sick when imprisoned. The people of the Philippines must unite against these corrupt people most especially Estrada and Revilla. Let us all say NO to them.