Jinggoy vows to explode a second bombshell


SENATOR Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, one of three senators charged with plunder for their alleged involvement in the P10-billion pork barrel scam, on Sunday pledged to deliver a second privilege speech that will be more explosive than his first.

Estrada is flying to the United States anytime this week to accompany his wife who will seek a second opinion about the lump found in her breast. The senator said that he isn ot evading prosecution in connection with his supposed involvement in the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) irregularity.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) asked the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) last week to cancel the passports of Senators Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrile and Ramon Revilla Jr., and 35 other individuals including congressmen and government officials facing plunder and malversation complaint before the Ombudsman.

The DFA has directed the people concerned to submit their respective written comments within five days in order for the foreign affairs secretary to weigh the matter.

Estrada maintained that the request to cancel his passport has no legal basis. He said that he is neither a fugitive, a convicted individual nor did he acquire his passport legally.

“I don’t know why the DOJ looks at us as threat to national security but I’m leaving it to the DFA to decide,” the senator said, adding that his legal team will decide what steps to take next.

Estrada said that his travel plans were made even before the DOJ made the request for passport cancellation.

When he comes back, he said that he will deliver another privilege speech that is more “bombastic” than the one he made in September, where he bared that some senators received additional pork barrel allocations for voting to convict former chief justice Renato Corona.

Because of his speech, the controversial budget allotments made through the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) came to light.

Estrada unintentionally exposed the allocations when he disclosed that some senators were given P50 million extra pork for convicting Corona.

Only Senators Miriam Santiago, Ferdinand Marcos and Joker Arroyo voted to acquit Corona.

Estrada also disclosed in his speech that Mandaluyong Rep. Neptali Gonzales Jr,. spent P6 million of his pork on Jollibee products.


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  1. hindi ninyo kasi intindihin simula pa pumutok ang PORK Barrel 3 silang involved na Pinipilit impeach .. Ngayon Nag pasabog siya na kung sino ang God Father Diba si Pinoy Namahagi ng 50 MILLION EACH Para ma convict si Renato Corona Lahat ito gawa gawa ni Pinoy.. Ginagastos niya ang Pondo ng Pilipinas Para sa sarili niyang Propaganda.. Bakit hindi siya unahin itanong Bakit siya namahagi ng DAP sa lahat ng Bumoto na patalsikin si Corona.. Tapos Ginamit pa niya si Napoles na GOD MOTHER Naman ng PDAF.. Naglabas siya ng 10 MILLION kung sino ang magtuturo kay Napoles.. Yun palawithin 3days Nasapalasyo na si napoles at Nag dinner na kasama ni Pinoy.. Hehehehe .. Saan na ang 10 million Napunt .. SA BULSA NI pINOY KASI SA KANIYA SUMUKO SI Napoles… Nakikissawsaw naman si DILG Delima na Makasuhan ang Tatlo kasi Balakid sa 2016 …

  2. Ano ba talaga , Jingoy…? Pasabog ka ng pasabog, eh, instead na bomba ang sasabog, Twetties ang pumutok!!! Bakit ba ikaw at si Bong Revilla lang ang dakdak ng dakdak. Sa dami ng senador na binanggit mo, walang reaksyon na kagaya nyong dalawa? Sina Senator Enrile, Senator Sotto, Senator Legarda at kahit si Senator Bongbong….wala silang mga reaks’yon na kagaya mo? Ibig ba nitong sabihin ay ang Linis-Linis MOOOOOO? Tanong lang.

  3. why only now jinggoy ? …for me all your bomba and pasabog in your priveledge speech , is a wasted effort to save your neck, the more you talked the more you admit you are guilty , together with your bombs .
    the more you talked the more you hang your self.

  4. Sometimes, even the dirty brooms can still afford to clean something very messy out of our surroundings. Let us see if ,we the public, can gain something out of this incoming political explosion.