• Jinggoy’s turn to profess innocence

    Sen. Jingoy Estrada delivers a privileged speech to say he is a victim of an unfair probe by the adminstration. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

    Sen. Jingoy Estrada delivers a privileged speech to say he is a victim of an unfair probe by the adminstration. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

    Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada on Wednesday maintained that he is a victim of an unfair and selective investigation but said he will willingly go to jail even if he is innocent.

    In a privileged speech delivered on Wednesday afternoon, Estrada reiterated that
    he is not capable of doing something illegal like stealing public funds.

    “Matatag at malakas ang aking paninindigan na ako ay walang kasalanan [I firmly believe that I am innocent],” he said.

    The senator is accused of plundering his priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel.

    He said he will not go into hiding to escape arrest.

    “Di nila ako kailangang hanapin at kaladkarin kung kailangan kaming arestuhin dahil ako mismo ang susuko [Authoities don’t have to look for me because I will surrender and present myself to them],” Estrada added.

    He noted that he was placed on the spot because of the concerted and selective investigation done by the Commission on Audit (COA), Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Senate blue ribbon committee headed by Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd.

    Estrada cited a special audit report released by the COA Chairman Grace Pulido-Tan in August 2013 revealing the names of hundreds of legislators who allegedly endorsed their pork barrel funds to bogus non-government organizations (NGOs) linked to businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles.

    Tan, he said, only focused on him and senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Ramon “Bong’ Revilla Jr.

    According to him, P14.3 billion was released to 334 lawmakers from 2007 to 2009 and part of this amount was endorsed to some 83 NGOs based on the COA report but it was only the three of them who were given “special mention.”

    He said they were not given fair treatment at the Office of the Ombudsman.

    The senator claimed that their constitutional right to due process was trampled upon when the Ombudsman denied their request that they be given copies of the affidavit of the witnesses that were used by the anti-graft body to justify the filing of a complaint against them at the Sandiganbayan.

    But Estrada said that while they failed to get fair treatment from the Senate, DOJ and Ombudsman, he has strong trust in the Supreme Court and the Sandiganbayan.

    He assured his family that he can get past the challenges he is now facing and that his absence in the Senate will just be temporary.


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    1. I’m tired of hearing sexy proclaiming his innocence of the plunder case filed against him despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I am not sure if this guy can sleep at night knowing deep in his heart that he did plunder the gov”t coffers even though he continues to deny doing it.

    2. Angel Pulido on

      Mr. Estrada, you raised an argument. We heard it. The case against you is PLUNDER.
      And you are accusing COA, Blue Ribbon Committee, and the Ombudsman for putting you in the spotlight because of their concerted and selective investigation process? How about concentrating in your defense to the case at bar, instead of whining? I am not a lawyer, but here is a very simple formula: You are being accused of stealing over 50 million of the tax-payer’s money thus a plunder according to law. You professed your innocence. You did not do any thing wrong, and your conscience (if you have that) is very clear. You deserve the benefit of the doubt Mr. Estrada, or innocent until proven guilty. Now here is a very simple formula of defense: Exhibit before the presiding judge GENUINE RECEIPTS and other DOCUMENTS carrying the total aggregate amount of the alleged plundered amount. You will be talking to a judge thus make sure your receipts and other related documents to prove your innocence are genuine, not fake. You are very good in twisting the head of many so, be warned, you could not do that to a judge. I am highly skeptical you could do the simple arithmetic, but try your honor. If you could do that, the judge will set you free. Otherwise you would be spending a long time in jail, if not for the rest of your life. And if that’s your fate, you got my sympathy.

    3. like Mr Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada is also an actor – “poker faces”, the speech makers are good indeed, but again the evidence are so overwhelming that points to these people. Question, how rich were this people before they were in power? do they have businesses or other source of enormous wealth that they have these beyond belief richness. The other thing that we can all do, in concerted effort let’s all pray – wholeheartedly to the Almighty One and ask him to intercede in all of our problems, because the way i see it, there will be layers & layers of cover up, because all of them who are “stealing from government coffers/ peoples money” have no conscience, AT ALL.