• Joblessness increasing in “Tiger Economy”


    Is there anything more ridiculous than the growth of the unemployed population to 12 million plus? It’s tragic. But we must all laugh about it because that’s the only thing we can do.

    You had a great article last Sunday in your magazine, “Prophets of Morality in the Rule of Law.” All the leaders are using corrupt and immoral lawyers or are lawyers themselves who do not believe that Natural Law and the Laws of God should be a part of the planning and doing. We can only pray UA&P’s law school produces better lawyers to become leaders of our country one generation from now.

    Only then will the time come that our Tiger Economy becomes a happy nation for the poor.

    Gloria M. Kuizon
    Novaliches, QC


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    1. How could the government create million jobs when most of its programs are concentrated on PPPs? Under the PPP projects, most of those employed are under graduates or drop-outs, and the surveys on employment rate are counting those who are graduates only (?)