JobsDB taps AME to train job seekers


Job search engine jobsDB and Association of Marketing Educators (AME) signed a memorandum of agreement on Thursday to address the problem of job mismatch, and lack of skills and competencies of job seekers and help provide jobs to future employees, mostly students.

Through the agreement, jobsDB and AME will start the program called 2013 Career Drive today, to conduct training in at least 20 universities and colleges not only for students, but also for interested job seekers who would want to avail of skills training and employment opportunities.

“This project is to make the youth more accessible to our jobs, to prepare them to be more successful and to look forward to the successful life ahead of them,” said Dong de Guzman, jobsDB head of sales.

He said that the AME is conducting the program to address the problem of 6.9 million underemployed Filipinos, with youth and college students taking up 21 percent of the total.

With the country’s recorded 7.8-percent economic growth during the first quarter and other positive news, AME President Daniel Hebron said that, “We should really start measuring if we are making such progress.”

De Guzman explained that the skills and competencies of students should be developed as employers would usually screen job hunters, whether they are college graduates or not.

“Definitely, there are jobs [for the people]. . . but normally, employers would screen if they are college degree holders . . . there are also competencies that the employers look for,” he said.

According to the agreement, AME will be in charge of preselection and selection of universities and colleges participating in the project.

The organization will include a minimum of 500 students in their one-day training in each of the selected schools in different parts of the country.

JobsDB, on the other hand, will carry out the program in the 20 schools, as well as ensure participation of several employers to assess and critique on “the kind of students we have and how they are faring when in work.”

“Doing such, we are helping the government with the problem of unemployment [and job mismatch]in the country,” de Guzman said.

With 80,000 filed employer requirements a day, jobsDB aims to provide “linkages and networking” to participants of the program and also train and assess students to “fill in the gap” of the education system of country.

2013 Career Drive is a training event for the youth that will include activities such as resume-making, mock interview sessions and other activities to develop their work skills and competencies.

The program will be rolled out starting today until February next year in universities and colleges that are among AME’s 100 member-schools in different parts of the country.

Kristyn Nika M. Lazo


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