• Jodi Santamaria is the face of ‘Alagang Flawless’

     Jodi Santamaria adds another brand to her long list of endorsement deals

    Jodi Santamaria adds another brand to her long list of endorsement deals

    With the way things are going for Be Careful with My Heart star Jodi Santamaria, 2014 will be a very promising year as she begins the Year of the Wooden Horse with a brand new endorsement deal with the highly successful face, body and medical aesthetic clinic Flawless.

    “I’m so happy to be the newest member of the Flawless family,” Jodi says.

    “Of course, I’ve been hearing about Flawless for years now and nakikita ko rin yung mga clinics nila sa malls and mga ads nila.  Pero it was only late last year when I actually started going to for their services.”

    The actress adds that more than anything else, she has since been grateful to the brand for taking care of her skin, and helping her maintain a “fresh” look despite her very demanding schedule.

    “Siyempre sa trabaho natin, madalas puyatan talaga tapos madalas pa nakatapat ka sa maraming ilaw or naaarawan ka,” Jodi shares. “Eh di lang naman yun ginagawa ko.

    Aside from my work, I take care of [my son]Thirdy rin, tapos I’m studying pa and running my own business. So really, my schedule can sometimes get the best of me talaga. In other words, malakas maka-haggard.”

    She has become a professed fan of Flawless’ Cell Booster Infusion Mask, which she swears makes her look and feel fresh every time she has the treatment.

    “The mask itself contains apple growth factors, which really nourishes the skin, so after the treatment, kita mo talagang mas makinis yung face and mas tight ang skin.

    Perfect siya sa mga super hectic na tao na naghahanap ng treatment na instant yung effect.”

    Flawless specially chose Jodi to be the face of its newest campaign, “Alagang Flawless.”  According to the brand’s CEO Rubby Sy, Jodi is the epitome of everything that the campaign stands for.

    “Even among her colleagues, Jodi is known to be a very caring individual and I guess that’s the reason why her portrayal of Maya works so well,” related Sy. “Similarly, we want people to know that Flawless is a brand that cares. We keep saying this time and again that all our efforts—big or small—are geared towards helping people realize the most beautiful expression of themselves.”

    Underscoring Flawless’ commitment to providing their patrons the confidence they need to succeed in their endeavors, the “Alagang Flawless” campaign expresses how the brand takes care of one’s face and body with innovative aesthetic solutions combined with high levels of skin expertise.

    “A lot of the young people today are very career-driven and we know—what they know—that confidence has a lot to do with hitting it big time. For people who are too busy to take care of themselves, Flawless has your back covered. After all, taking care of others is what we do best,” Sy concluded.


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