How Jodi Sta. Maria takes care of herself


Advancement of age makes the daily grind of work and errands become more physically challenging. Those over 30 may not be feeling it yet, but it will surely come – sooner or later.

Adults have more duties that can be physically taxing. Others race against time to accomplish more in life, like completing an education degree, trying a new recreation, pursuing more passions, or initiating a goodwill project. There’s just so much to do every day.

The actress believes that taking care of one’s self is essential to care for others

Just like actress Jodi Sta. Maria who needs to be constantly on the move because of the rigorous demands of her work. She is, above all, a mother to young son, Thirdy.

“It is vital that we are physically prepared and able to do what we need to do. Reality is, most of the things we have to do requires mobility. Being physically healthy is something we do for ourselves. No one can do it for us. We take care of ourselves because we want to be able to take care of the ones we love,” she shared.

Often it’s being said that best way to preserve the ability to move comfortably is through regular exercise and proper nutrition. But for most, help in nutrition is needed as aid us in physical movements, in mobility – with the right dose of nutrients that enable the body to engage in physical exercise or just in performing everyday tasks.

Milk that is high in protein and calcium, like Anlene, gives the superior dose of nutrients to aid in the freedom of mobility with its Bone Activ formula intended to help build strong bones that support the whole body.

The BoneActiv formula is a combination of essential bone strengthening nutrients – Calcium helps support the development of strong bones; Vitamin D and Magnesium helps support calcium absorption and retention, and improves bone strength; and Zinc contributes to maintenance of normal bones. It contains two times the Calcium, five times the Vitamin D, and six times lower in fat than regular milk.

“Let the people who matter to us be our motivation. For people we love and care for, every move is worth it,” the actress said.


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